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How to E-file Form W-2 Online for 2022 Tax Year
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Information Required to Create Printable Form W-2

While filing your Form W-2 with the IRS, make sure you have furnished all the required information in it. Remember, failing to provide all required information or incorrect information on Form W-2 can result in unwanted IRS penalties.

Before you begin the Form W-2 filing process with the SSA, make sure you have all the following information on hand:

  • 1. Employer Details: Name, EIN, Employer Type, and Address
  • 2. Employee Details: Name, SSN, Address, and Contact Information
  • 3. Federal Details: Federal Income and Federal Tax Withheld
  • 4. FICA Details: Social Security and Medicare Taxes Withheld
  • 5. State Details: State Income and State Tax Withheld
  • 6. Local Tax Details: Local, City or other Income Tax Withheld

Once you have this information readily available, you are ready to start e-filing your W-2 forms with TaxBandits!

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TIN matching

TIN Matching

TaxBandits supports TIN Matching for all W-2 Forms. We validate your employees’ SSN against the SSA database to ensure accuracy. This reduces errors and eliminates the need to file correction forms.

Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload

Utilize our CSV and excel template to bulk upload a voluminous amount of your employees’ W-2 forms. We also allow you to map the column fields in the file with the Form W-2 fields with this feature.

Postal Mailing

Postal Mailing

We provide an exclusive Postal mailing feature where we print and distribute form W-2 copies to your employees once the form has been processed.

Print Center

Print Center

Copies of the transmitted forms will be available in the Print Center for download. You can then access these copies from the Print Center at any time!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Form W-2

Q. What is Wage and Tax Statement Form W-2?

A. Form W-2 is a wage tax form to report the wages paid to employees and the taxes (social security, income, and Medicare tax) withheld from the employees to the SSA (Social Security Administration).

Every employer engaging in a trade or business who pays remuneration, including non cash payments of $600 or more for the year (all amounts if any income, social security, or Medicare tax was withheld) for services performed by an employee must file a Form W-2 for each employee.

Q. When is the Due date to File IRS Form W-2?

A. The due date to file your form W-2 with the SSA for the 2022 tax year is January 31, 2023.

Note - If the date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, the form must be filed on the next business day.

Q. Is there any Late payment penalty for W-2?

A. Yes. Generally, the IRS will charge a penalty if you fail to file your W-2 form on time and cannot show any reasonable cause for the failure to file. In addition, you will also incur a separate penalty if you fail to provide copies of the form to payees on time.

Visit to learn more about Form W-2 penalties.

Q. What are the different copies available for Form W-2?

A. As per the IRS mandate, there are three copies of form W-2 that employers need to furnish with their employees on the same date of filing their Form W-2.

The three copies are (Copy C), for their own records, (Copy B) for the federal tax return, and (Copy 2) for the state tax return.

Q. How do I Print Form W-2?

A. Complete the mandatory information on your Form W-2 and get the printable W-2 Form within minutes with TaxBandits. Fill out your W2 details, check the form for review, transmit the form to SSA & then Print/Download your copies instantly from your TaxBandits account.

With TaxBandits, you have an option to send the W-2 printed copies to your employees.

Q. How to correct Form W-2?

A. If you have made any mistakes on your previous filed Form W-2, you can use Form W-2c to report the corrections with the IRS.

Form W-2c is the correction form for previously filed Form W-2 or W-2c. Using this form, you can correct the errors made in your Form W-2 or W-2c filed previously with the SSA.

The following errors can be corrected using Form W-2c:

  • Incorrect name
  • Incorrect SSN
  • Incorrect amount entered
  • Incorrect details on employee earnings or tax withholdings

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