South Carolina W-2 Reporting Requirements

Does South Carolina mandate W2 filing?

Yes. The South Carolina Department of Revenue requires electronic submission of W-2 forms even if there was no state withholding.

Does South Carolina have any additional requirements when filing W2 forms?

Yes. You need to also file the WH-1606 when you are filing w2 forms.

What is Form WH-1606 and what information do I need to fill it out?

Form WH-1606 is used for reporting both fourth quarter withholdings and annual reconciliation. WH-1606 is a recap of South Carolina state taxes withheld for all the quarters, as well as a report of the state tax due following the fourth-quarter state tax deposits. The amounts reported on the WH-1606 should match up with the taxes reported on W-2s, W-2Gs, and 1099s.

What are the South Carolina due dates to file Form W-2 & Form WH-1606 electronically?

The filing date for both the Form W-2 & WH-1606 is the last day of January.

What methods of filing Form w2 are accepted for W-2s?

In the state of South Carolina, you can e file w2 forms, or you can paper-file.

What are the electronic requirements for filing w2 forms?

The state of South Carolina mandates electronic filing when submitting 250 or more W-2 forms. E-filing is preferred in general, but if you are submitting fewer than 250 W-2s you may paper file.

Does TaxBandits support filing for Form W-2 & South Carolina State Form WH-1606?

Yes, TaxBandits supports the filing W2 forms and the Annual Reconciliation Form SC 1606.

Where do I mail the W-2 Form for South Carolina?

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