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Compliance and Regulatory Requirements for Law Firms & Attorneys

  • Law firms must file Form 1099 for specific payments, including those made to expert witnesses, jury consultants, and recipients of settlement proceeds. Additionally, payments for rents fall under this requirement.
  • If you hire employees, you must file Form 941, 940 forms to report payroll taxes. This includes withholding federal income tax, Social Security, and Medicare taxes from employee wages.
  • Under the new Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) regulations, law firms that handle small business are required to manage formations and other transactions that trigger mandatory BOI reporting.
TaxBandits for Every Business

Payroll & Employment Filing Solution for Law Firms & Attorneys

Streamlined Payroll & Tax Filing Solutions

Supports Federal & State Filing

  • TaxBandits supports an extensive range of tax forms including 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, W-2, 941, 940, and more.

W-9 Manager

  • Easily request and manage W-9 Forms. This allows you to collect and store TIN information for future 1099 filings.

TIN Validation

  • TaxBandits verifies the TINs you collect from vendors and independent contractors using the IRS database. This ensures accuracy and prevents form rejections.

Distribute Recipient Copies

  • TaxBandits offers seamless recipient copy distribution through Postal Mailing or Secure Online Access services.
Streamlined Payroll & Tax Filing Solutions
BOIR Solutions Design to Optimize Efficiency

BOIR Solutions Design to Optimize Efficiency

BOI Filing solution

  • A complete BOI solution for initial reports, updates, corrections, and newly exempt entities reports.

Invite Beneficial Owners

  • Send a secure link to beneficial owners prompting them to complete their information.

Free Corrections

  • Correct initial BOI reports within a week of filing with TaxBandits
    at no extra cost.

Instant Status Updates

  • Receive instant updates from TaxBandits about the status of
    your BOI reports.
TaxBandits for Every Business

Custom-branded Solutions for Law Firms & Attorneys

BanditCollab(Team Management)

  • Invite your team to handle your
    clients’ filing.
  • Effectively delegate filing responsibilities (Preparer, Approver, or Transmitter) for each client to your team members.
  • Add unlimited team members with individual logins for easy access.
  • Efficiently track your team members'
    filing activities.

BanditConnect(Client Management)

  • Monitor your clients' filings from a centralized, secure platform.
  • Invite clients to their own secure portal to provide necessary filing data.
  • Customize the client portal with your branding (Logo, email, theme, and more).
  • Use the client portal for simple and secure communication with
    your clients.

Cost-effective Filing

  • TaxBandits offers tiered pricing based on volume—the more you file, the more
    you save.
  • Import all your clients' reporting and filing details at once using our Excel template!
  • Gain valuable insights into your filings with TaxBandits' comprehensive reports.
How to E-file with Taxbandits

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TaxBandits for Every Business

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Whitelabel solution

  • Use our white-label option to rebrand our filing solution as your own, giving you full control over branding while benefiting from our advanced technology.

Referral program

  • Boost your revenue with our referral program. Integrate your TaxBandits referral link into your website or share it directly with your clients.

API Integration

  • Integrate our API with your system to enhance your services and expand your reach. Add value to your offerings.
Simplify Compliance, Maximize Revenue

Client Success Stories

Discover how our e-filing solutions empower businesses and CPAs, solving challenges and streamlining tax filing.

A Leading International Audit and Tax Advisory Firm

Efficient 1099 Filings: A top international audit and tax advisory firm simplifies its 1099 filings with TaxBandits.

TaxBandits Redefines 1099 Filing for a Leading Accounting Firm

Precision and Ease: TaxBandits Redefines the 1099 E-Filing and Distribution process for a Leading Accounting Firm

Streamlined Payroll Filing for a Leading CPA Firm
with TaxBandits

Streamlined Payroll Filing: A leading CPA firm discovers a straightforward way to e-file payroll tax forms with TaxBandits.

Streamlined Payroll Filing for a Leading CPA Firm
with TaxBandits

Seamless Payroll Reporting: TaxBandits enables a leading reporting agent firm to easily meet their e-file mandate

Streamlined Payroll Filing for a Leading CPA Firm
with TaxBandits

HR Consulting Firm facilitates: A leading HR consulting firm streamlines their 1095 filing process with TaxBandits.

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