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Streamline Your Form W-9 Online Process and 1099 Filing with TaxBandits!

Request W-9 Online

Add your vendors’ names & emails to our software and request them to complete
W-9 Forms.

W-9 Completion and E-sign

Your vendors will then complete and e-sign W-9s. You will be notified once
they are done.

TIN Matching

TaxBandits will validate the TINs obtained through W-9s to make sure they match
the IRS database.

E-file 1099 and Distribute Copies

Use the data obtained through W-9s to complete the 1099 filings for the respective payees and distribute copies.

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Why Choose TaxBandits to Request Form W-9 Online for 2023?

TIN Matching

TIN Matching

Filing 1099 returns with incorrect TINs can lead to hefty penalties. TaxBandits helps you avoid this by performing TIN Matching on W-9s obtained.

Import from Xero

Seamless Data Import

TaxBandits allows you to import vendor details directly from Xero, QuickBooks, and ZohoBooks to
request W-9s easily.

Real-time Notifications

Real-time Notifications

Once your vendors complete and e-sign their electronic W-9 forms, TaxBandits will notify you instantly via email.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

TaxBandits incorporates robust security measures to protect the PII information obtained through W-9s, such as SSN, email, etc.

Ready to Request W-9?

Get Your Fillable Form W-9 for FREE

Get Your Fillable Form W-9 for FREE!

If you are a payee (vendor, contractor, etc.), you can use our fillable W-9 Form online. Just Fill out your W9 with confidence, E-sign, and download or share it electronically. with the payers in minutes.

Automate W-9 With TaxBandits API Integration

Automate W-9 With TaxBandits API Integration

By integrating our developer-friendly API with your software or portal, you can enable W-9 Automation and streamlining the 1099 filings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Form W-9

What is Form W-9?

Form W-9 is an IRS form used by businesses to obtain Name, Address, and Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) from contractors or vendors.

The information obtained through W-9 forms will be used to e-file the applicable 1099 forms for reporting payments made to the respective vendors.

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Form W-9.

What information will the vendors provide on their Form W-9 Online?

Here are the details that the vendors will provide on their W-9 Forms:

  • Name, Business, Federal Tax Classification
  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) - Eg: SSN, EIN
  • Subjection to Backup Withholding
  • Exemption codes for FATCA Reporting, if any

When should you request a W-9 Online for 2023?

If you are a business that is required to make payments (generally, more than $600) to any individual or entities regarding any services rendered, such as independent contractors, freelancers, or consultants, you must request Form W-9 from the respective payees.

By obtaining a fillable W-9 form, you can ensure that you have the necessary information to accurately file 1099 forms with the IRS at the end of the year.

How to Complete Form W-9 Online with TaxBandits?

Follow these simple steps to request Form W-9 from your vendor:

  • Step 1: Add vendor details either manually or import from Xero
  • Step 2: Request the vendor via email to complete Form W-9 Online
  • Step 3: The vendor will complete and e-sign their W-9, and you’ll be notified
  • Step 4: TaxBandits will validate the TINs obtained through W-9s
  • Step 5: E-file 1099 forms for your vendors using the W-9 information and distribute copies

What is backup withholding?

The payments you make to the vendors will be subject to a backup withholding of 24% ifThe payments you make to the vendors will be subject to a backup withholding of 24% if,

  • The vendor fails to furnish TIN
  • The vendor fails to certify the TIN
  • The IRS indicates that the vendor has furnished an incorrect TIN
  • The IRS informs that the vendor is subject to backup withholding since they didn’t report all the interest and dividends on their tax return
  • The vendor fails to certify that they aren’t subjected to backup withholding under the above 4 conditions

What type of payments are subject to backup withholding?

Here are the payment types that are subject to backup withholding

  • Interest
  • Tax-exempt interest
  • Dividends
  • Broker and barter exchange transactions
  • Rents
  • Royalties
  • Nonemployee pay
  • Payments made in settlement of payment card
  • Third-party network transactions
  • Certain payments from fishing boat operators

What are the penalties if the vendors fail to furnish the
correct TIN?

  • TIN Mismatch: A penalty of $50 will be imposed on contractors or vendors if they fail to provide furnish the correct TIN unless an acceptable
    reason is stated.
  • Civil Penalty: If a vendor provides false information with respect to withholding, they will be subject to a $500 penalty.

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