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TaxBandits provides a comprehensive suite of reports that offer valuable insights and help you stay up-to-date with the status of your tax filings. These reports enable you to identify opportunities for optimization, understand client behavior, and make strategic decisions that directly impact your work. By leveraging these reports, you can streamline operations, enhance compliance, and drive success in your tax filing activities, putting you in control of your professional success.

What types of reports does TaxBandits offer?

Discover the array of reports available from TaxBandits! Whether you need a detailed breakdown of filing activities or an overarching summary, we have you covered. Here is a brief overview of each report type.

  • Business Filing Summary Report:

    This concise report provides valuable insights into each business's filings. It can be downloaded as a CSV or Excel file. The report contains the following information: the business name, order number, order date, federal/state filing details, TIN, and much more. It helps you stay on top of each company's progress and make informed business decisions. Thus, TaxBandits provides this report as a valuable tool that empowers tax professionals to manage multiple filings for their clients efficiently.

  • Credit Usage Report:

    TaxBandits offers a Credit Usage report to assist tax professionals in tracking prepaid credits purchased and used on filings within their accounts. The Credit Usage Report provides tax professionals with a centralized platform to track prepaid credits purchased and utilized for filings. This report consolidates all credit-related information into one convenient location, allowing tax professionals to easily monitor their credit usage and remaining balances. Any credits purchased or utilized for filings are immediately reflected in the Credit Usage Report.

  • Wallet Transaction Report:

    The Wallet Transaction Report contains a detailed record of all the transactions made through your TaxBandits Wallet account. This report is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of your account activity. It includes a complete summary of all the transactions, including the date, transaction amount, and any associated fees. The report is generated cumulatively and accurately accounts for all your transactions. It is an essential tool for anyone who wants to monitor their account activity and keep track of their financial transactions.

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  • Postal Mail Report:

    TaxBandits offers tax professionals a reliable solution for managing postal mailing services for form copies with its comprehensive Postal Mailing Reports solution. This functionality provides a detailed list of all recipients for whom they have opted-in to postal mailing services, ensuring accurate and timely delivery of essential tax documents. The report includes recipient names, mailing addresses, and the requested forms, allowing tax professionals to track which clients have requested physical copies of their tax forms to be sent via mail.

  • Online Access Report:

    TaxBandits Online Access Report is a powerful tool that assists tax professionals in managing Online Access services for distributing the recipient copies of the forms. This feature provides tax professionals with a detailed list of recipients who have chosen to receive their tax forms electronically. The report includes recipient names and the specific forms selected for electronic delivery, offering a complete overview of the distribution process. TaxBandits enables tax professionals to manage online access preferences for their clients efficiently. This ensures the timely delivery of tax documents while allowing clients to access their forms digitally.

  • Activity Log Report:

    TaxBandits supports tax professionals in promoting a culture of transparency within their team through the Activity Log Report . This functionality allows tax professionals to gain insight into the actions performed by their staff members within their TaxBandits account. The Activity Log Report provides a detailed overview of staff members' activities, including logins, file submissions, edits, and any other interactions within the account. By accessing this report, tax professionals can monitor staff productivity, track progress on client filings, and ensure compliance with internal processes and deadlines.

  • Staff Member Filing Summary Report:

    TaxBandits offers tax professionals a helpful feature called Staff Member Filing Summary Report that streamlines workflow management and ensures accountability within the team. This report generates individual summaries for each staff member, providing details on their filings on the TaxBandits platform. By accessing this report, tax professionals can easily monitor each employee's filing activity, including the number of completed filings, filing dates, and other relevant details specific to assigned tasks.

  • User-specific Filing Summary Report:

    TaxBandits provides tax professionals with a User-specific Filing Summary Report tailored to each client's unique needs. This report offers a comprehensive overview of all filings completed for a specific client within the TaxBandits platform. By accessing this report, tax professionals can quickly examine the status and specifics of each filing conducted on behalf of their clients, including submission dates, forms submitted, and any relevant details related to their tax obligations.

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