TaxBandits’ Customizable Portal Streamlines Your
Client Management

The TaxBandits ‘Connect’ Feature is designed to aid CPAs in managing their clients and their filings as efficiently as possible. Specifically tailored to enhance communication and security, this feature enables CPAs to invite their clients to a customized portal. Once their client accesses the portal, this becomes a hub for clear and direct correspondence throughout the filing process.

TaxBandits Connect enhances client management by providing a tailored and streamlined experience that simplifies tax preparation and compliance for CPAs and their clients. CPAs can ensure a streamlined process by providing a separate platform for client interactions, fostering better collaboration and understanding between themselves and their clients. This simplifies the exchange of information and facilitates smoother tax preparation and filing procedures, ultimately enhancing the overall client experience.

With TaxBandits, you and your team can enjoy a range of CPA-centric features designed to streamline your workflow. Our platform simplifies processes, encourages collaboration, and increases productivity, allowing you to focus on growing your business!

How Can I Customize My Client Portal?

Client Portal Access

  • TaxBandits offers a secure portal for CPAs to share and clients to review and approve forms and filings.
  • This secure platform acts as a centralized location for CPAs to track all forms and filings.

Client Portal Customization

  • CPAs can customize their client portal to reflect their unique brand identity. From adding a business name and logo to choosing the preferred color scheme and theme, TaxBandits lets you create a portal representing your firm's personality and professionalism.
  • Stand out with a personalized portal URL that reflects your business
    name or domain.
  • With customizable email templates, CPAs can ensure that all client communications align with their brand voice, creating a cohesive and memorable experience for their clients.

How Does the TaxBandits Client Portal Work?

Personalized E-mail Communication

Sending generic emails can lead to disengagement and a lack of client response. Avoid lost opportunities to collaborate and connect with your clients. TaxBandits allows CPAs to send personalized emails tailored to clients' needs. From personalized greetings to targeted messages, you can ensure that every email resonates with your clients personally, cultivating stronger relationships and enhancing engagement.

Personalized E-mail Communication
Secure Form Sharing with Clients

Secure Form Sharing with Clients

Conventional information-sharing methods, such as email attachments or physical mail, can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Chasing paper trails and email chains to ensure that every recipient of every client receives their form copy is tedious. With TaxBandits, CPAs can securely share password-protected files and documents with their clients, ensuring everyone has secure access to the necessary information.

Client Feedback & Observations

Collecting client feedback can be a challenging task for CPAs. Traditional methods, such as surveys and phone calls, can be time-consuming and often fail to provide meaningful insights. This leads to missed opportunities for improvement and growth. TaxBandits aims to address this issue by allowing CPAs to collect client reviews and observations directly within the system. CPAs can gather valuable insights from their clients on the filing information and their comments/observations.

 Client Feedback & Observations
Client Chat

Client Chat

As a CPA, managing and tracking all of your client’s questions can be time-consuming and overwhelming. TaxBandits allows you to boost the efficiency of this process by streamlining communications. With our chat feature, you can engage in instant messaging within the portal, where you can address and resolve their questions in real-time.

Client Chat

Business Grouping

CPAs often face the challenge of managing multiple businesses with distinct tax requirements for a single client. Without a centralized system, organizing and tracking tax filings can be time-consuming. TaxBandits provides a solution by offering business grouping options. CPAs can group businesses based on shared characteristics like industry or location, simplifying the management and tracking of tax filings for each group.

Business Grouping

Easy Integration Options

Sage Partner

Exclusive E-file Provider

Easy 1099-NEC Integration Options

Sage Partner

Enhance Your CPA Practice with Cutting-edge Client Management

Boost the precision of your CPA Practice with the help of our client management features. TaxBandits is designed with tax professionals like you in mind! Our goal is to help you streamline your workflow, use collaboration to your advantage, and drive your team’s success! Start your journey with us today -
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