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TaxBandits for Every Business

Please Note: At this time we only support ACA corrections for returns that were originally filed with TaxBandits.

Need to correct ACA Forms 1095-B/C or 1094-C that
you filed with TaxBandits?

What Information can I correct using an ACA Correction Form?

Authoritative Transmittal Form 1094-C

  • ALE Member or Designated Government Entity (Name and/or EIN)
  • Total number of Forms 1095-C filed by and/or on behalf of ALE Member
  • Aggregated ALE Group Membership
  • Certifications of Eligibility
  • Minimum Essential Coverage Offer Indicator
  • Section 4980H Full-Time Employee Count for ALE Member
  • Aggregated Group Indicator
  • Other ALE Members of Aggregated ALE Group (Name and/or EIN)

ACA Form 1095-B

  • Name of responsible individual
  • Origin of the Health Coverage
  • SSN or TIN
  • Employer-Sponsored Coverage Information
  • Issuer or Other Coverage Provider Information
  • Covered Individuals

ACA Form 1095-C

  • Name, SSN, ALE Member EIN
  • The offer of Coverage (line 14)
  • Employee Required Contribution
  • Other ALE Members of Aggregated ALE Group (Name and/or EIN)
  • Section 4980H Safe Harbor and Other Relief Codes (line 16)
  • Covered Individuals Information

Need to correct your ACA Form 1095-B/C or Transmittal Form 1094-C?

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Frequently Asked Questions on Amended ACA Forms

When is the deadline to correct ACA Forms?

As per the IRS, there is no specific deadline for filing the corrected ACA forms. However, the corrected returns should be filed as soon as possible after an error is identified.

What are the penalties for filing ACA Forms with incorrect information?

Generally, the penalty for filing ACA forms 1095-C and 1094-C with incorrect information is $310 per return with the total penalty for a calendar year not to exceeding $3,783,000.

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Note: Penalties may be waived if the failure was due to reasonable cause.

Click here to learn more about the ACA penalty .

Can I file ACA Correction forms with TaxBandits?

Yes, you can file corrections for the ACA forms that you’ve filed with TaxBandits. First, select the forms which need to be corrected and provide the updated information. TaxBandits will audit your forms for errors using the IRS Business Rules, you can then proceed to transmit them. TaxBandits allows you to distribute the corrected employee copies as well.

How do I complete an ACA Correction Form?

In case, if you have provided incorrect information on your actual form 1095 or 1094, you can correct it by following the steps mentioned below.

To correct an original Form 1095-C that was submitted to the IRS/Furnished to Employee:

  • Prepare a new Form 1095-C
  • Enter an “X” in the “CORRECTED” checkbox at the top of the form
  • Submit the corrected Forms 1095-C with a non-authoritative Form 1094-C transmittal to the IRS

To correct an Authoritative Transmittal Form 1094-C:

  • Prepare a new Authoritative Transmittal, Form 1094-C
  • Enter an “X” in the “CORRECTED” checkbox at the top of the form
  • Submit the corrected Form 1094-C

To correct an original Form 1095-B that was Submitted to IRS/Furnished to Employee:

  • File a new Form 1095-B and enter an “X” in the CORRECTED checkbox
  • File a Form 1094-B Transmittal with the corrected Form 1095-B
  • Provide a copy of the corrected Form 1095-B to the person identified as the responsible individual
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Note: You can’t correct a Transmittal Form 1094-B

Frequently Asked Questions
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