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What is Form W-2c?

Form W-2c is used to correct errors on previously filed W-2 forms. Errors like an incorrect name, SSN, or amount, made on any Form W-2 or W-2c filed previously with the SSA can be corrected by filing a Form W-2c. Form W-2c is also used to provide employees with a corrected copy.

If you file 250 or more W-2c Forms during a calendar year, you must file electronically unless the IRS grants you a waiver. If you fail to file your Form W-2c electronically, penalties may be applied.

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When Should I File Form W-2c?

There is no specific deadline for filing Form W-2c, however, the IRS suggests that you file as soon as you discover the error(s) on your original W2 or W2c form. Keep in mind that employees usually expect corrections to be made prior to filing their income tax returns with the IRS.

What is the Penalty for Filing Incorrect W-2 Forms?

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What Information Can I Correct With Form W-2c?

Form W-2c is used to make several types of corrections, such as:

  • Incorrect tax year
  • Incorrect employee names or Social Security Numbers
  • Incorrect employee earnings or tax withholdings:
    • Wages, Tips and Other Compensation
    • Social Security Wages, tips, & tax withheld
    • Federal Income Tax Withheld
    • Allocated Tips, Dependent Care Benefits

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How Does TaxBandits Simplify W-2c Filing?

Making a correction to a previously filed Form W-2 or W-2c with the IRS/SSA is simple now. TaxBandits allows you to correct common errors on your Form W-2 in minutes– even if you filed your original W-2 return with any other provider.

You are required to file Form W-3c (transmittal form for Form W-2c) when you transmit W-2c forms to the SSA. This form is automatically generated for you when you e-file Form W-2c with TaxBandits, and we will also take care of mailing the corrected W-2c Forms to your employees.

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How To File Form W-2c with our e-filing software?

The W-2 Correction Form (W-2c) can be filed electronically through TaxBandits in few simple steps:

  • Create or sign in to your TaxBandits account
  • Edit employee details
  • Review your order
  • Select Federal/Package Pricing
  • Transmit Form W-2c

How are State/local Correction Information (In Boxes 15 through 20) forwarded to the State/local?

If you change the original Form W-2 in the state or local field, do not send Copy A of Form W-2c to the SSA. Instead, send Form W-2c to the appropriate state or local agency and furnish copies to your employees. For correcting state/local information, contact your state or locality for specific reporting information. Please be sure that Form W2 corrections are not forwarded to the state/local as there is no specific data sharing program between the federal and state/local.

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