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How to E-File Form 7004?

What Information is Required to E-file Form 7004 online?

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To E-File Business Tax Extension Form 7004 you'll need,

  • 1. Business details such as Name, EIN, Address
  • 2. Tax Form for which you looking to apply extension
  • 3. Estimated amount of the taxes you owe, if applicable

If you need more time to file your business tax return, you can extend your deadline with TaxBandits.

Benefits of filing Form 7004 Online

Automatic Extension

Automatic Extension

The IRS doesn’t require a reason for filing a 7004 tax extension, as it provides an automatic 6-month extension.

E-File in Minutes

E-File in Minutes

With our helpful instructions, you can easily E-file 7004 Forms with the IRS in minutes.

Instant IRS Approval

Instant IRS Approval

Once you transmit your Form 7004 to the IRS, you will get your acceptance status instantly.

Instant Notification

Instant Notification

Our Software will notify you of the status of your return through your mobile phone or email.

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Frequently Asked Questions to file Form 7004 Online

What is IRS Form 7004?

Business Tax Extension Form 7004 is used by Corporations, Entities, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Certain Estates and Trusts to receive upto 6-months automatic extension to file their business tax return.

Business Tax Forms that can Extend using Form 7004

Form 1120-S Form 8612 Form 1120-F
Form 8804 Form 1120-ND
(Section 4951 taxes)
Form 1120-SF
Form 1065 Form 8613 Form 1120-FSC
Form 1066 Form 1120-PC Form 1041 (estate other than a bankruptcy estate)
Form 1065-B Form 8804 Form 1120-H
Form 706-GS (D) Form 1120-POL Form 1041 (Trust)
Form 1042 Form 1066 Form 1120-L
Form 706-GS (T) Form 1120-REIT Form 1041 (bankruptcy estate only)
Form 3250-A Form 1120 Form 1120-ND
Form 1041-N Form 1120-RIC Form 8613
Form 1041-QFT Form 8928 Form 8924

Click Here To Know More About Form 7004 Instructions.

When is the deadline to file IRS Form 7004?

The deadline to file Form 7004 depends on your organization type and the tax year.

  • S-Corporation tax Form 1120-S, Partnership tax Form 1065, and more forms are due by
    March 15, 2024.
  • C-Corporation tax Form 1120 and Trust Form 1041 are due by April 15, 2024.

Click here to find your 7004 due date.

What are the penalties for filing Form 7004 Late?

If you fail to file a 7004 tax extension or tax return within the appropriate deadline (March 15, 2024 for S-corporations and partnerships and April 15, 2024 for corporations and other businesses), the IRS will charge interest and penalties on any unpaid Federal taxes.

If you do not file and you owe taxes, the failure-to-file penalty is 5% per month (up to 5 months) of the amount due. If your return is more than 60 days late, you may be subject to a $135 minimum penalty. The IRS will also impose a failure-to-pay penalty of 0.5% per month (up to 25%) of the amount due if you file a return or extension, but don’t pay all your taxes on time.

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