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Maine State Filing

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Maine W-2 State Filing Requirements

  • The Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement should be filed with the State of Maine for the 2022 Tax Year.
  • The State of Maine also requires the filing of Form W-3ME, Reconciliation of Maine Income Tax Withheld in 2022, for 2022.

Deadline to file Form W-2 is

January 31, 2023.

Deadline to file Form W-3ME is

February 28, 2023.

TaxBandits is here to help you with both Federal and State filing of Form W-2.

Q. Does Maine require W-2 filing for 2022?

A. Yes! The state of Maine has mandated the filing of Form W-2 if there was a state tax withholding.

Note: Maine does not accept paper copies of W-2.

Q. Does Maine require any additional forms to be submitted while filing W-2?

A. Yes! The state requires W-3ME to be filed with the W-2s when you e-file. Here at TaxBandits, we provide a simplified e-filing solution for your W-2s with manual and bulk filing options. Make use of the TaxBandits’ Online Access Portal to grant your employees access to their W-2s.

With the help of this portal, they can view/download their copies. On the other hand, if you want to send the recipient copies by postal mail, we continue to provide this option. After transmitting W-2s, you must take care of your Form W-3ME.

Note: When you E-File Form W2 Online with TaxBandits, you need to take care of the reconciliation Form W-3ME.

Q. What are the special fields required when filing a Form W-2 with Maine?

A. When e-filing Form W-2 for Maine, the state requires Maine Public Employees Retirement System Contributions (MEPERS) as their special field.

Q. What is the deadline to file W-2 with Maine?

A. The deadline to file Form W-2 with Maine is January 31. Form W-3ME should be filed on or before
February 28.

Note: If the deadline falls on a weekend or federal holiday, the next business day is the deadline.

Q. Can I electronically file W-2 with Maine?

A. Yes, you can electronically file W-2s with Maine. In fact, e-filing is the only acceptable method by the
State of Maines.

If you are looking for an IRS-authorized e-file provider, TaxBandits simplifies your W-2 filing. Just sign up with TaxBandits and begin to e-file your W-2s with Maine.

Q. What are the W-2 penalties for the state of Maine?

A. As an employer, you will be subject to penalties by the state for the following:

  • Not W-2 filing by the deadline
  • Paying the state taxes late

Not filing W-2 by the deadline - The penalty is $25 or 10% of your unpaid taxes, whichever is greater.

Paying the state taxes late - The penalty is 1% per month up to a maximum of 25% of your unpaid tax.

Learn more about Form W-2 penalties.

Q. Can I file W-2c with the state of Maine?

A. No, you cannot file W-2c with the State of Maine. The state does not accept or process the corrected wage and withholding information.

Q. Where do I mail W-2 forms when filing with the State of Maine?

A. You should not send paper copies of your W-2s to the state. As an employer, you are only allowed to e-file your W-2s. To help you, TaxBandits is here! We are an IRS-authorized e-file provider supporting the e-filing of W-2 with Maine. We have solutions for small businesses, tax professionals, and large businesses.

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