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TaxBandits supports 100+ Federal, State, and Correction Forms that Tax Professionals must file
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Team Management

Add Unlimited Team Members

  • Effortlessly expand your team by adding an unlimited number of members to your account at no extra cost. Streamline collaboration and enhance productivity.

Access Control

  • Assign diverse roles such as assigner, preparer, and transmitter, and control their access levels. Give your staff the freedom to efficiently manage their assigned businesses.

Unique Logins

  • Grant each team member a unique login, ensuring secure access and personalized experiences tailored to their responsibilities.

Segmented Work

  • Effectively segment the work of each team member, creating a structured and organized workflow for seamless collaboration.

Track and Manage Activities

  • Easily monitor and manage the activities of your team members. Stay informed about their roles and contributions.

Demographic Grouping

  • Group your team members based on demographics, facilitating organized filing and strategic allocation of resources.

Shared Credit Card

  • Simplify financial transactions with one shared credit card across the team. Enhance financial efficiency without the hassle of multiple cards. Learn More
Team Management
Client Management

Client Management

Real-time Client Communication

  • Utilize the Client Portal for seamless, real-time communication. Eliminate reliance on third-party channels, saving time and enhancing security for your clients.

Client Dashboard

  • Offer a dynamic and user-friendly experience with a Client Dashboard. Consolidate relevant information to provide clients with a comprehensive view of their status.

Custom Email Notification

  • Enhance communication with clients through customized email notifications. Ensure that your messages align with your brand and provide a personalized touch.

Custom Online Access Portal

  • We go beyond customization, tailoring the online portal with your custom logo, URL, and more. Create an experience that resonates with your brand identity and enhances client engagement.


Business Filing Summary Report

  • Gain insights into each business filing progress with a comprehensive Business Filing Summary Report. Monitor key metrics and track the status of your filings efficiently.

Postal Mail and Online Access Report

  • Stay informed about recipient copy delivery with a report detailing the usage of postal mail and online access. Get the overview of each business recipient copies status.

Staff Member Filing Summary Report

  • Effortlessly manage your team's contributions with a Staff Member Filing Summary Report. Track individual performance and ensure a cohesive workflow.

Credit Usage Reports

  • Monitor credit usage seamlessly with detailed Credit Usage Reports. Stay in control of your financial transactions and optimize resource allocation.

Activity Log Report

  • Keep a thorough record of all activities with an Activity Log Report. Enhance accountability and transparency within your team by reviewing a comprehensive log of actions.

User-Specific Filing Summary Report

  • Tailor your reporting to individual user needs with a User-Specific Filing Summary Report. Provide personalized insights to each team member for optimized performance.
TaxBandits all-in-one platform

Simple Options for Importing your Data

Sage Partner

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Simple Options for Importing your Data

Sage Partner
TaxBandits for Every Business

Industry-leading Data Security Protocols

  • Data Security is our top priority. We have firm protocols in place for safeguarding our clients' and recipients' data.
  • All data, including Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is encrypted and stored in a secure HIPPA Compliant server.
  • TaxBandits servers are HackerProof and COMODO Certified, preventing any unauthorized access.
  • TaxBandits is an AICPA SOC 2 Certified Provider.
  • Easily add another layer of security to your account with multi-factor authentication.
TaxBandits Data Security Protocols

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TaxBandits for Every Business

Flexible Pricing to Fit Your Needs

Bulk Pricing

TaxBandits offers exclusive discounts to tax professionals who require bulk filing for a large number of clients.

Consolidated Payment

Combine payments for various businesses into a single transaction, saving time and reducing costs through bulk filing.

Prepaid Credits

Filing a high volume of forms this tax season? Use prepaid credits to process your forms in batches, saving you time and money!

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A Leading International Audit and Tax Advisory Firm

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