Compliance and Regulatory Requirements for
Estate Firms

  • As a real estate broker, you must file Form 1099 for referral and commission fees paid to brokers, associate brokers, Landlords and sponsored sellers. You must also report payments to independent contractor assistants and other service providers.
  • If you hire employees for your firm, you must file Form 941, 940 forms to report payroll taxes. This includes withholding federal income tax, Social Security, and Medicare taxes from employee wages.
  • The new Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) mandates HOAs and the real estate firms must report Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI). This involves disclosing details about community and board members to comply with FINCEN requirements.
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TaxBandits - A Designated Solution for Real Estate
(Property Managers, Real Estate Brokers, and HOAs)

Make real estate firm tax filing and BOI reporting easier with TaxBandits. A perfect solution for Property Managers, Brokers, and HOAs to streamline their Tax filing and ongoing BOI Compliance.

E-filing Solution for Payroll & Employment
Tax Filings

Supports Federal & State Filing:

  • TaxBandits simplifies real estate tax filings with support for a wide array of forms, including 1099-NEC, 1099-MISC, W-2, 941, 940, and more, ensuring compliance with federal and state requirements in one convenient platform.

W-9 Manager:

  • Streamline onboarding processes by requesting and managing W-9 forms from employees, Tenants, board members, and clients. Instantly create and share your own W-9 forms for seamless transactions.

TIN Validation:

  • Ensure IRS compliance by verifying employee and client Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TINs) against the IRS database, reducing the risk of penalties.

Distribution of recipient copies:

  • Deliver 1099 recipient copies to brokers, Tenants, sponsored sellers, Buyers and independent contractors via secure online portals or postal mail, ensuring timely and
    accurate reporting.
Streamlined Payroll & Tax Filing Solutions
BOIR Solutions Design to Optimize Efficiency

Maximize productivity with BOIR: Tailored Solution
for Business

BOI Filing solution:

  • Offering services right from filing your initial BOI report to making corrections, updates, or filing reports for newly exempt entities.

Invite Beneficial Owners:

  • Effortlessly invite investors and board members to securely submit their information using a secure link, ensuring convenience and confidentiality.

Free Corrections:

  • Experience the convenience of our efficient platform, where you can easily make corrections to your initial BOI report within a week, all at no extra charge.

Instant Status Updates:

  • TaxBandits instantly provides status updates regarding your filed
    BOI report.
TaxBandits for Every Business

Custom-branded Solutions for
Real Estate Firm

BanditCollab (Team Management)

  • Invite your team to manage
    client filings.
  • Assign specific roles (Preparer, Approver, or Transmitter) to team members for each client.
  • Easily add unlimited members with their own logins for smooth access. Efficiently track your team member's filing activities.

BanditConnect (Client Management)

  • Keep an eye on your client's filings from one secure platform.
  • Invite clients to a safe portal where they can provide the necessary
    filing information.
  • Customize the portal with your own branding (logo, email, theme,
    and templates).
  • Use the portal for easy communication and interaction with
    your clients.

Efficient Filing, Affordable Pricing

  • At TaxBandits, our pricing is based on volume, meaning the more you file, the more you save.
  • Save time by importing all your clients' filing details using our
    Excel template.
  • TaxBandits offers a wide range of reports to provide detailed insights into
    your filings.
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  • Easily integrate our API with your current
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    for integrating valuable new features into
    your offering.
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