Idaho Form W-2 & 967 Filing Requirements

The State of Idaho Mandates W-2 Filing!

Idaho State Filing

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Idaho W-2 State Filing Requirements

  • The Form W-2, Wage, and Tax Statement should be filed with the State of Idaho.
  • The State of Idaho also mandates the filing of Form 967, Annual Withholding Report.

Deadline to file Form W-2 and
Form 967 is

January 31, 2024.

TaxBandits is here to help you with both Federal and State filing of Form W-2. Also, you can file annual withholding Form 967.

Q. Does Idaho require W-2 filing?

A. Yes. The state of Idaho requires the filing of W2 forms only if there was state withholding.

Q. Does Idaho require any additional forms to be submitted while filing W-2?

A. Yes. The state of Idaho requires additional forms to be filed along with Form W2, depending on your
filing method.

E-filing of W-2 - When you e-file, you must include Form 967 (Idaho Annual Withholding Report). TaxBandits, an IRS-Authorized e-file service provider, supports both W-2 and Form 967.

Paper filing of W-2 - If you decide to paper file W-2, you must attach Form 967 and W-3.

Note: When you E-file Form W2 Online with TaxBandits, we will take care of the reconciliation Form 967.

Q. What is the deadline to file W-2 with Idaho?

A. The filing deadline for Form W2 with Idaho is January 31.

Note: If the deadline falls on a weekend or federal holiday, the next business day is the deadline.

Q. Can I electronically file W-2 with Idaho?

A. Yes, Idaho allows you to electronically file your W-2s. The state actually requires e-filing when you are reporting 50 or more W-2s.

If you are looking for an IRS-Certified e-file provider, TaxBandits is here! We support the e-filing of W2 with both the SSA and states. Plus, we distribute W-2 form copies to employees via postal mail

Q. What are the W-2 penalties Idaho?

A. Idaho may impose penalties for both failure to file W-2 and not paying the taxes by the deadline.

W-2 late filing penalty - $2 per return for each month it is late, with a maximum penalty of $2000.

Penalties for not paying the Idaho taxes - 0.5% of unpaid taxes each month they are late, with the maximum penalty of 25% of your unpaid taxes.

Learn more about Form W-2 penalties.

Q. Can I file W-2c with the State of Idaho?

A. Yes! You must file a Form W-2c with the State of Idaho when you find errors in previously filed W-2s. Remember, the state accepts only the paper filing of
W-2c. When submitting W-2c, you must include the amended Form 967
and W-3c.

Form W-2c mailing address

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Q. Where do I mail W-2 forms when filing with the State of Idaho?

A. The State of Idaho only accepts the paper filing of W-2 when you file less than 50 forms. If you file 50 W-2s or more, you must file electronically.

Irrespective of the form volume, e-filing is more convenient, and you are able to learn the status of your filing immediately.

If you still decide to paper file, include forms W-3 & Form 967 and mail the form copies to:

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