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Powerful Solutions
Designed for Tax Professionals

TaxBandits offers a comprehensive suite of BOIR and tax e-filing services,
including Forms 1099, W-2, 941, 940, W-9, ACA 1095, and more.

Powerful Solutions Designed for Tax Professionals

Exclusive E-file Partner

Sage Partner

Our exclusive partnership with Sage Intacct powers seamless 1099 e-filing

Easy Integration Options


Exclusive PRO Features Designed for Tax Professionals

Manage Your Team Efficiently

  • Invite Your Team

    Provide your team with secure access and unique logins to manage filings.

  • Assign Them Roles

    Assign your team roles based on their filing responsibilities: Preparer, Approver, Transmitter.

  • Track Their Progress

    Track your team's filing activities individually or collectively for an improved workflow.

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Seamless Client Management

  • Secure Client Portal

    Provide your clients a user-friendly portal for secure communication and data sharing throughout the filing process.

  • Customizable Client Portal

    Customize your clients’ portal to reflect your branding (logo, color theme, URL, and emails).

  • Enable Client Communication

    Your clients can create 'Observations' during the filing process, allowing you to easily address their questions.

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Comprehensive and Cost-Effective E-filing for Everyone

An e-filing solution to meet the filing needs of CPAs, EROs, Reporting Agents, PEOs, CPEOs & 3504 Agents and more!

Easily meet your e-file
mandate for payroll & employment
tax forms for your 8655 clients.



Simplify your aggregate
employment tax reporting
with our solution.

Payroll Providers

Payroll Providers

Manage your clients' payroll
taxes with complete accuracy.



Streamline your workflow
manage your team and
clients’ filings with precision.

3504 Agents

3504 Agents

Use your EIN to effectively
complete aggregate
employment filings.

Enrolled Agents

Enrolled Agents

Take care of your clients'
IRS tax filings with confidence.

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Tax Professionals’ Premier Partner for Seamless BOI Reporting

TaxBandits offers BOI filing solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of tax professionals and their teams. Our advanced features focus on streamlining your team’s workflow, promoting collaboration, and minimizing your administrative workload. Learn More

New Streamline Client Collaboration While Showcasing Your Brand with BanditConnect. Learn more
Law Firms


Professional service firms

Professional Service Firms

Law Firms

Law Firms



Essential Features for Streamlined Tax Compliance

Payroll Tax Filing

Easily manage annual and quarterly payroll filings, including Forms 941, 940, 944, and more. Spanish 941 (SP) and amendments are
also supported.

Supports Forms 1099, W-2, & ACA 1095

TaxBandits supports the e-filing of a wide range of IRS/SSA tax forms, including Forms 1099, W-2, ACA 1095, and more.

W-9 Manager

Request, manage, and store W-9 Forms for accurate year-end 1099 filings—all in one secure location.

Data Validations

TaxBandits performs data validations to ensure data meets IRS guidelines. This includes TIN Matching, IRS Business Rules, and USPS address validations.

Recipient Copy Distribution

BanditShare/BanditDistribute provides a complete solution for distributing form copies to recipients via postal mail or secure
online access.

Supports State Filing

In addition to Federal filing requirements, TaxBandits also supports filing with the required State Agencies.

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TaxBandits for Every Business

Why Choose TaxBandits?
The IRS Compliance Solution for every Business

Postal Mailing Copies

Select Postal Mailing Services for TaxBandits to print and mail copies of the forms you transmit to recipients.

Online Access Portal

Grant your recipients online access to view and download their form copies of W-2 and 1099 form through TaxBandits’ secure portal.

E-sign 94x Forms

If you don't have an Online Signature PIN, don't worry. You can use Form 8453-EMP to e-sign your Form 94x forms instead.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add another layer of security to your account by enabling 2FA. This requires you to verify your identity using a code at sign-in.

Advanced Security

TaxBandits is SOC 2 Certified and our servers HackerProof, and COMODO Certified to ensure the security of your data.

Live Customer Support

Our live support team is here to answer your questions and assist you with the e-filing process. You can reach out by phone, email, and live chat.

TaxBandits for Every Business

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Client Success Stories

Discover how our e-filing solutions empower businesses and CPAs, solving challenges and streamlining tax filing.

A Leading International Audit and Tax Advisory Firm

Efficient 1099 Filings: A top international audit and tax advisory firm simplifies its 1099 filings with TaxBandits.

TaxBandits Redefines 1099 Filing for a Leading Accounting Firm

Precision and Ease: TaxBandits Redefines the 1099 E-Filing and Distribution process for a Leading Accounting Firm

Streamlined Payroll Filing for a Leading CPA Firm
with TaxBandits

Streamlined Payroll Filing: A leading CPA firm discovers a straightforward way to e-file payroll tax forms with TaxBandits.

Streamlined Payroll Filing for a Leading CPA Firm
with TaxBandits

Seamless Payroll Reporting: TaxBandits enables a leading reporting agent firm to easily meet their e-file mandate

Streamlined Payroll Filing for a Leading CPA Firm
with TaxBandits

HR Consulting Firm Solutions: A leading HR consulting firm streamlines their 1095 filing process with TaxBandits.

How to E-file with Taxbandits

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