The IRS mandates e-filing when you file 10 or more tax W2 returns for the 2023 tax year.E-File Now

How to E-file Form W-2 Online for 2023 Tax Year with TaxBandits

Form W-2

Select the Form W-2 along with the appropriate tax year you wish to file from the dashboard.

Enter Form W-2 Information

Enter all necessary details, including employer and employee information, wage, tax withholding details on the Form W-2, either manually or bulk upload through custom CSV/Excel templates.

Review Form W-2

Review the entered information and make necessary changes. Our system automatically validates your completed Form W-2, ensuring accuracy and compliance
with regulations.

Transmit your Form W-2 to the SSA/State

After reviewing your form, securely transmit it to both the SSA and the State agencies. TaxBandits supports the electronic filing of both Federal and States, simplifying the
entire process.

Deliver Employee Copy (Postal/Online Access)

Upon successful transmission, TaxBandits will distribute your recipient copies either through postal mail or online access,ensuring seamless delivery and accessibility.

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How to file Form W-2?

What Information is Required to File Form W-2 Electronically?

  • 1. Employer Details: Name, EIN, Employer Type, and Address
  • 2. Employee Details: Name, SSN, Address, and Contact Information
  • 3. Federal Details: Federal Income and Tax Withheld
  • 4. FICA Details: Social Security and Medicare Taxes Withheld
  • 5. State Details: State Income and Tax Withheld
  • 6. Local Tax Details: Local, City or other Income Tax Withheld
TaxBandits for Every Business  Information required to file Form W2 for 2023

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User-Friendly Features to Easily File W-2 Online

Manual Filing

Excel or CSV upload

Simplify your W-2 filing process by using our Excel or CSV templates to import all of your data.

E-file for Every State

E-file for Every State

Quickly and easily e-file form W-2 with respective State agencies and meet your state tax compliance with TaxBandits.

Internal Audit Check

Internal Audit Check

TaxBandits internal audit checks enable you to file your Form W-2 more accurately by validating it against SSA business rules.

Postal Mailing

Postal Mailing

We provide an exclusive Postal mailing feature where we print and mail form W-2 copies to your employees once the form has been processed.

Online Portal Access

Online Portal Access

Simplify the process of distributing the employee's W2 copies. Our cloud-based online portal allows employees to view and download W-2 copies anywhere, anytime.

Print center

Print center

Copies of the transmitted forms will be available in the Print Center for download. You can then access these copies from the Print Center at any time!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Form W-2 Filing

What is Form W-2?

Form W-2 is a wage tax form to report the wages paid to employees and the taxes (social security, income, and Medicare tax) withheld from the employees to the SSA (Social Security Administration). Also, the copy of Form W2 must be furnished to the employees.

When is the due date to File Form W2 Online for the 2023 tax year?

January 31, 2024, is the due date to file Form W2 with the SSA for the 2023 Tax Year. The form should be filed either by E-filing or paper copies. File Form W-2 before the deadline to avoid SSA/IRS penalties.

Is it necessary to File Form W-2 online with the State?

Yes, Depending on your state requirements, you may need to file Form W-2 and other reconciliation forms with your applicable state. You can e-file these forms easily from your TaxBandits account. Check your W2 state filing requirements.

How to correct Form W2?

If you have made any mistakes on your previous Filed Form W-2, then you can use Form W-2c to report the corrections with the IRS/SSA. You can correct incorrect names, social security numbers, employee earnings or tax withholdings. Learn More to know what information can be corrected on Form W2.

What are the penalties for not filing W-2 on time?

Failure to file Form W-2 before the deadline or providing incorrect information might result in IRS penalties. The penalty varies from $60 to $630/form depending on how late the form is filed with the SSA/IRS. Form W-2 Penalties have been changed for the 2023 tax year. Check the table below for the newly updated penalties.

Time limit Minimum Maximum
Filed within 30 days $60/form $630,500 per year ($220,500 for small businesses)
After 30 days and before August 1 $120/form $1,891,500 per year ($630,500 for small businesses)
After August 1 $310/form $3,783,000 per year ($1,261,000 for small businesses)
For intentional disregard of failing to file and incorrect payee statements - $630 per statement
For fraudulent filing - $5000 or more

What is the difference between a W2 form and W4 form?

Form W-2 is utilized for reporting wage information and tax withholding from an employee's paycheck throughout the year. On the other hand, Form W-4 is used at the beginning of employment to collect the employee's tax withholding information. Both forms are typically utilized by employers for tax purposes. Learn more in detail about the Form W-2 Vs Form W-4.

What is the difference between a W2 Form and 1099 Form?

Generally, both forms are used to report income made to workers, but they serve different purposes. Form W-2 is issued to employees and reports their annual wages and the amount of taxes withheld from their paychecks. In contrast, Form 1099 is used to report income to independent contractors and other non-employees. Learn more in detail about the Form W-2 vs Form 1099.

How can I apply the extension for filing Form W2?

The Form W2 extension for filing with the SSA is no longer automatic as of 2016. The only extension possible is for 30 days and it is granted under special circumstances. Apply for this extension by paper filing Form 8809, Application for Extension of Time to File Information Returns. When filing Form 8809 you must provide a detailed explanation for needing an extension and sign under penalties of perjury. Learn More about Form W2 Extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions
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