W-2 Features

State Filings

W-2 Direct State Filings

For applicable States, you can quickly and easily e-file your State W-2 Forms along with any State Reconciliation/Transmittal Forms you may need.

Bulk Upload & Smart Upload

Bulk Upload

Upload all your employee information at once with our Excel template, or use your own template with the same column headings to e-file all your W2 forms efficiently and instantly.

US-Based Customer Support

EFW2 File Upload

Instantly convert your EFW2 file into individual forms. Also, the forms can be downloaded, printed, and we will mail copies to your employees.

TIN matching

TIN Matching

Stay away from TIN Errors by filing your Form W-2 with TaxBandits. We validate your employee's TIN with the SSA database and it reduces the chances of incorrect filings.

Bulk Upload & Smart Upload

Print Center

From our print center, you have the ability to print any of your W-2 forms right from your TaxBandits account.

Postal Mailing & Print Center

Postal Mailing

With our postal mailing feature, you can choose to have TaxBandits to print and send paper copies of W-2 forms to your employees after your return has been filed with the SSA.

Online Access

Employee Online Portal

Simplify the process of distributing the employee's W2 copies. Your employees can view, & download copies of their W2 easily through this secured portal.

Form W-3

Form W-3

When you e-file your W-2 Form with TaxBandits we will auto-generate Form W-3 (the transmittal form required for paper filing) for your records.

W-2 Form Corrections

W-2 Form Corrections

Do you need to correct information on a W-2 Form that you’ve already filed? If so, you can instantly file W-2 correction Form W-2c in your TaxBandits account.

Purchase Credits for Bulk filing

Flexible Payment Options

Pay for your w2 returns in advance by purchasing pre-paid credits! This way, you won't have to pay for each return every time you file.

Multi User Access

Prior-Year Tax Filing

Conveniently e-file W-2 forms with the IRS for previous tax years from your TaxBandits account.

Multi User Access

Multi-User Access

Provide access to certain users and allow them to manage your TaxBandits account. They can even file W-2 Forms on your behalf!

Bulk Upload & Smart Upload

Activity Log

Follow the activities of authorized users of your account including when and where they are logging in, uploading files, transmitting returns, etc.

US-Based Customer Support

US-based Support

If you need any assistance, contact the TaxBandits US-based, live customer support team located in Rock Hill, South Carolina by phone, email, or live chat.

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