How do I file Form 1042 Correction Online with TaxBandits for 2023?

Choose the Form and type of correction

From the dashboard, you can select Form 1042 correction, tax year, and the type of details you wish to correct your returns.

Enter the Corrected Information

Enter the information you want to correct in the 1042 Form.

Enter the Reason for correction

Please provide the appropriate reason for correcting your previously filed 1042 Form with the IRS.

Review amended Form 1042

Review the corrected information in Form 1042 before transmitting it to the IRS.

Transmit your corrected return to the IRS

Once reviewed, you can transmit the amended 1042 Form to the IRS.

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TaxBandits for Every Business

Note: You can amend Form 1042 if the original tax return was filed through TaxBandits.

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What information can be corrected on Form 1042?

Identifying errors allows for correcting various types of information in the 1042 Form.

Form 1042 Amendment

The following are the types of information that can generally be corrected on Form 1042:

  • Withholding Agent Information:

    which includes Name, Employer Identification Number, Address, Chapter 3 and 4 status codes of withholding agent

  • Record of Federal Tax Liability
  • Computation of Tax Due or Overpayment
  • Reconciliation of Payments of U.S. Source FDAP Income
  • Potential Section 871(m) Transactions
  • Dividend Equivalent Payments by a Qualified Derivatives Dealer (QDD)

Features to Make Your 1042 Corrections Easier


E-sign 1042 using Form 8453-WH / Form 8879-WH

With TaxBandits, you can electronically sign your 1042 Form using either Form 8453-WH or Form 8879-WH.


Supports Schedule Q (Form 1042)

TaxBandits allows Qualified Derivatives Dealers (QDD) to complete Schedule Q when filing the 1042 Forms efficiently.


Live Customer Support

Our dedicated team of experts is available by phone, email, or live chat to assist you in any way they can.

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Bulk Upload Tax Liability Data

Use TaxBandits Excel Template to import all your 1042 data effortlessly in a single step.

Exclusive Pro Features for Tax Professionals!


Client Management

Client management helps tax professionals manage their clients more effectively. They can use the Client Portal for seamless, real-time communication.


Staff Management

With TaxBandits Staff Management, you can effectively manage your staff by encouraging teamwork, efficiently assigning tasks, and maintaining constant communication.


Automated Reports

TaxBandits' reporting feature simplifies tax compliance and financial reporting for tax professionals, helping them stay organized, accurate, and up-to-date.

Advanced Security

Record Keeping

TaxBandits stores all 1042 Form copies for up to 7 years. Tax professionals can log into their TaxBandits account and download or print copies of the form anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Form 1042 Corrections

What Can I Correct On My 1042?

If you discover an error on a Form 1042 previously filed with the IRS, immediate correction is required to avoid potential penalties. Corrections may include the following information on the previously filed Form 1042:

  • Withholding Agent Information: Name, EIN, Address, Chapter 3 and 4 status codes.
  • Section 1: Record of Federal Tax Liability: The withholding agent's federal tax liability record for each quarter-monthly period.
  • Total Tax Reported as Withheld or Paid: The amounts reported for all Forms 1042-S and Form 1000.
  • Computation of Tax Due or Overpayment: The amounts corresponding to the Total Net Tax Liability.
  • Section 2: Reconciliation of Payments of U.S. Source FDAP Income: Total U.S. source FDAP income required to be withheld under Chapter 4.
  • Section 3: Potential Section 871(m) Transactions- Payments connected to certain financial transactions outlined in Section 871(m)
  • Section 4: Dividend Equivalent Payments by a Qualified Derivatives Dealer (QDD)-If a QDD has no tax liability, it must complete and attach Schedule Q (Form 1042).

Visit for more detailed information about Form 1042 instructions.

What are the steps to follow if you need to make changes to your original Form 1042 after it has been filed?

If you need to make changes to your original Form 1042 after it has been filed, you need to follow the
following steps:

  • File a corrected Form 1042.
  • Use a Form 1042 corresponding to the year you're making amendments.
  • Check the "Amended Return" box on the 1042 Form.
  • Complete all sections of the form, incorporating all necessary filing details for the relevant calendar year, and affix your signature on the return.
  • Include a justification statement for your amended tax return.

Does TaxBandits support 1042 corrections for returns filed with other providers?

TaxBandits does not currently support 1042 corrections filed with other providers. However, you can correct your 1042 Forms originally filed through TaxBandits.

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