Use Form 8453-EMP As An Online Signature PIN Alternative

You need to provide an online signature to complete 940, 941, & 944 Forms, but if you don't have an Online Signature PIN, don't worry! You can always use Form 8453-EMP to e-sign your Form 941 through TaxBandits.

You need to enter your PIN before your return is transmitted to the IRS. At this point, you have an option to choose 'Use Form 8453-EMP' in lieu of your PIN. You may choose that option and proceed to transmit to the IRS.

Small business owners can use the following options to sign Form 8453-EMP.

Your Form 8453-EMP is auto-generated based on the information you provide while completing Form 941. You can approve your form by e-signing it or Download your auto-generated Form 8453-EMP, then manually sign, scan, and upload it to complete e-filing your 94x Forms.

Tax Professionals can use the following options to E-Sign Form 8453-EMP. Know how?

Need to apply an online signature PIN?

You can request a free Online Signature PIN from the IRS through TaxBandits. Click here to learn more or apply now.

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Why E-file 941 with TaxBandits?

  • Simple, Easy & Secure
  • Instant IRS Approval
  • Schedule-B, 8453-EMP, 8974, 941-V, 941-PR
  • Bulk Upload Template using Excel or CSV
  • Phone, Email & Live Chat Support

How Tax Professionals can E-Sign Form 941 using 8453-EMP

They have two options to e-sign their clients return. These are as follows:

 Request an E-Signature of their client

Click “Send E-Sign Request” which notifies the client regarding your request for E-Sign of Form 8453-EMP.

Enter Taxpayer Email ID

To request an E-Signature from the client, Enter the Taxpayer Email and send the message containing a request to E-Sign.

Client will enter their EIN and E-Sign 8453-EMP

When the Client is notified about your request, they will be asked to enter their respective EIN (Employer Identification Number), and E-Sign Form 8453-EMP.

Tax Professionals can E-Sign on their behalf

When Clients complete the E-Signature process, the Tax Professional can then E-Sign on their behalf by using “Click to Sign”. Click on “Preview Form 8453” to review if needed.

Form 8453-EMP has been E-Signed successfully

Click “Next” and Complete your Filing by proceeding further.

Other Options to Sign

Other Options to Sign

You can Download Form 8453-EMP, E-Mail your client, and ask them to E-Sign. Also, you have an option to Fax Form 8453-EMP. After your client Signs Form 8453-EMP you can download the Form and Upload it.

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