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Form W-2

Form W-2

Wage and Tax Statement

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Form W-2

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Form W-2

State Filing with all the 51 States

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Form W-3

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Frequently Asked Questions

Form W-2, also known as the Wage and Tax Statement, reports the annual wages of your employees

For the 2022 tax year, The W-2 penalties have been increased for the 2022 tax year. If you file Form W-2 late, penalties will be imposed based on the time period and business size.

Time Period Minimum Maximum
If Form filed within 30 days $50 /form $571,000 per year ($199,500 for small businesses)
If Form filed after 30days and before August 1 $110 /form $ 1,713,000 per year ($571,000 for small businesses)
If Form file after August 1 $280 /form $3,426,000 per year ($1,142,000 for small businesses)

If you have paid at least one employee at least $600 (all amounts if any income, social security, or Medicare tax was withheld) in wages this year, you must file Form W-2 for each employee from whom:

Most states require you to file your W-2’s at a state level as well as federally. Always be sure to check your requirements before filing your Form W2 with the State.

The Form W-2 is a series of boxes that are labeled by both numbers and letters. According to the Form W-2 instructions, there is important information that you will need handy when you file. This information includes…

  • Employer Information: Address, Legal Name, EIN
  • Employee: Address, Legal Name, SSN
  • Information on the wages and tips that you have paid your employees throughout the year.
  • Information on the taxes that you withheld from your employees wages or tips this year.
  • For state filing, you will need your state ID and locality name.

Click here to learn more about the instructions of Form W2 Boxes.

The Form W-2 has a variety of copies with slightly different purposes.

Copy A - This goes to the SSA (Social Security Administration).

Copy 1 - This should be filed with the city, state, or local municipality.

Copy B - This should be filed with the employee’s federal taxes.

Copy C - This is for the employee’s records.

Copy 2 - This should be filed with the employee’s state taxes.

Copy D - This is for the employer’s records.

Employers commonly make mistakes when entering their employee’s TIN or Taxpayer Identification Number. With TaxBandits these common errors are worries of the past. Our cloud-based software validates your employees’ TIN’s against the SSA database for accurate reporting.

The Form W-2c provides corrections to the original W-2 Form. The information that may need to be amended includes an employees’ name, SSN, Tax Year, EIN, or errors in reported wages or taxes withheld.

A Form W-3c is a transmittal form that summarizes the corrected information found in a Form W-2c. It is not required when you e-file your forms.

Extensions for the Form W-2 are not automatic. If you are filing for a W-2 extension then you must paper-file the Extension Form 8809 and provide a detailed reason for needing the extension. The SSA will only grant a 30-day extension under extraordinary circumstances such as a catastrophic event. The 30-day extension does not apply to your recipient copies.

Employers who don’t furnish their employees with copies of their Form W-2 for 2022 and file these forms with the SSA by January 31 will be penalized. Employers who file within 30 days after the January 31st deadline, will be penalized $30 dollars per form. After 30 days the penalty rises to $60 per form. Learn more about W2 penalties.

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