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"The leading CPA firm in New York managed the payroll tax filings for many businesses they dealt with. The paramount qualities of the top CPA firm were efficiency, accuracy, and timely compliance with tax regulations."


his success story emphasizes the importance of TaxBandits and how it effectively handled the payroll tax form 941, 940 & W2 filing demands sloshed by the leading CPA firm by offering them a well-built, streamlined process flow without any obstacles.

  • Meet the Client:

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    The client is a leading CPA Firm with a century’s worth of expertise. The firm was founded in 1919, with nearly 4000+ global clients, located in 30+ locations including global subsidiaries. The Leading CPA firm served clients in 30+ industries through an integrated team of advisory and tax professionals.

    Industry: Accounting, Payroll, Tax, and Advisory Firm.

    Region: New York, U.S.

  • Requirements They Had:

    Handling the tax filing of Payroll tax forms (940,941, W2), Federal Tax filing, Integration of data of all the clients' employees payroll data, Enhanced Accuracy, Additional User Access for Staff, Separate portal for Clients, and Data Security.

  • Business Challenges:

    Difficulties Encountered

    Despite having an excellent reputation for superior financial services, the leading CPA firm found some challenges during the year-end payroll tax filing season. Taking care of multiple clients with different tax obligations, due dates, and paperwork became a logistical headache. The business challenges the leading CPA firm encountered are as follows:

    Keeping payroll data organized

    Keeping payroll data organized

    The leading CPA firm had to manage huge payroll data as it dealt with various businesses from different industries. Keeping all the payroll data organized was essential, which posed a
    significant challenge.

    Filing Payroll tax forms for various businesses

    Filing Payroll tax forms for various businesses

    The firm faced a significant problem filing payroll tax forms like 940, 941, and W2 for numerous businesses. The leading CPA firm searched for an all-inclusive platform to handle all the payroll filings in one place. Especially for W-2s, they had to deal with both federal and state filings, which was challenging.

    Risk of inaccurate tax filings

    Risk of inaccurate tax filings

    There is always a chance that incorrect payroll tax filings may occur when there is a lot of data to manage in the payroll. This can lead to incorrect calculations during the inaccurate tax filing season. The Leading CPA firm wanted a solution that could ensure accuracy and precision.

    Inadequacy of Secured Environment

    Inadequacy of Secured Environment

    Keeping CPA clients' employees' payroll records like employee personal information, employment information, pay information, timesheets, and withholding information secure from data breaches was a real challenge. The leading CPA firm wanted a transparent and trustworthy solution for their clients to make sure that their payroll data were in a secure environment.

    Communication with clients

    Communication with clients

    The CPA firm needed to communicate seamlessly with the clients about payroll-related activities and share/obtain information required to file their payroll tax returns. The firm wants to ensure that they have a convenient way for their clients to track, review, and approve their filings.

    Insufficiency in timely updates

    Insufficiency in timely updates

    Keeping end-users (CPA clients) informed on the status of the payroll tax returns in real time seemed tedious. So, the firm searched for an exclusive solution that helps it provide timely updates to its clients about payroll filing and upgraded security.

    Looking at these business challenges, the leading CPA firm recognized the urgent need for an extensive solution to streamline its payroll tax filing process flow.

  • How did TaxBandits Help the CPA Firm Counter the Challenges?

    TaxBandits for Every Business

    TaxBandits understood the challenges of the leading CPA firm and came up with the following comprehensive solutions for filing payroll tax forms:

    1 Bulk Data Import:

    To file payroll tax forms 940,941 and W2 simultaneously for various industries of the CPA firm clients, TaxBandits provided Excel/CSV templates. This solution greatly benefited the CPA firm when dealing with high volumes of payroll records data. Using our templates, they were able to import the clients’ filing data in bulk, saving them time and effort.

    2 Import Data Seamlessly:

    Apart from the Excel templates, TaxBandits also enabled the CPA firm to integrate their clients’ payroll filing data in just a few clicks from accounting software (Xero, Quickbooks) to TaxBandits.

    3 Instantaneous Communication with Clients:

    TaxBandits used CLIENT PORTAL for instantaneous communication regarding payroll tax filing purposes with the CPA firm clients. This client portal feature ensured transparent communication with the CPA clients throughout the tax filing process. Their clients were able to review and approve the 94x forms
    before transmission.

    4 Error-free tax Filings:

    TaxBandits offered real-time data validation and error-checking capabilities, enabling the top CPA firm to file taxes without errors. This guaranteed all 94x returns were accurate and compliant with the most recent tax laws. This offered the CPA Firm and its clients peace of mind by drastically lowering the possibility of expensive tax fines and audits.

    5 Better Security Environment:

    With reliable technologies and features, TaxBandits safeguarded the payroll database of the leading CPA firm. By using cutting-edge technology and a series of protocols to prevent security failures, this solution gave the leading CPA firm an encrypted layer of protection.

  • Conclusion

    Within the tax industry, where accuracy and promptness were essential, TaxBandits became the game changer that the leading CPA firm sorely needed. TaxBandits met and exceeded the leading CPA firm's goals regarding increased efficiency, perfection, and client satisfaction. The leading CPA firm served as evidence of the revolutionary potential of using TaxBandits' cutting-edge solutions to effectively negotiate the challenging year-end payroll tax filing environment.

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