Postal Mailing - We Mail Your Employees W-2 Copies

To make your e-filing experience with TaxBandits even more convenient, you can choose to have a hard, paper copy of your W-2 forms sent to your employees. Once you federally file the forms for your small business, you can choose our “Postal Mailing” option and we will be sure to send your employee or payee a copy of the form the address you provide.

Pretty convenient right? So, how do you add such a great option to your e-filing process? Simple! When you reach the point in your W2 Form e-filing process to pay the filing fee, you will choose the “Package” option which will include both your Federal filing, State filing, and also your postal. After that it is up to the busy TaxBandits to get those W2 return copies printed and mailed off to your recipients or employee (have no fear, they are pretty good at making sure the forms arrive!).

But wait! Did you get all the way to the end of the W2 form e-filing process, pay, and forget to add postal mailing? No problem, just give the TaxBandits a call and they will be sure to get this taken care of for you.

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