TaxBandits: Simplifying W-2 Distribution with Online Access

The IRS/SSA mandates that businesses distribute recipient copies of W-2 forms to each employee by January 31st. Complying with this requirement is crucial, but it doesn't have to be a difficult task. TaxBandits offers a solution that not only ensures timely delivery but also streamlines the entire process, benefiting both employers and employees.

TaxBandits online access features enable you to grant your employees a secure online portal to access, view, and download their W-2 Forms. Thereby eliminating the need for traditional paper-based distribution methods and offering a more convenient and efficient way to handle tax documents.

Here is how TaxBandit's online features help to streamline your distribution process.

Easy and Quick Access

With TaxBandits, employees can easily view and access their W-2 forms online. No need to wait for the physical copy to arrive in the mail; they can simply log in and see their W-2 at their convenience.

Record keeping

Your employees can access their form copies anytime they need them. Plus, TaxBandits retains your tax documents for a period of seven years, ensuring you and your employers have easy access to the tax return when required.

Custom Logo

Make your employee access process even more professional and branded. TaxBandits allows you to use your company's logo when sending secure links. Customize these logos to align with your unique needs, enhancing your corporate identity.

Secure Link URL Customization

Customize your secure link URLs with TaxBandits. Include your business name in the link for a professional touch and seamless integration with your brand.

Consent Revocation

At TaxBandits, we understand that circumstances may change. Users have the option to revoke online access consent if needed, offering flexibility and control over their tax document access.

Highly Secure

Rest easy, knowing that all your completed forms are stored in a secure database. Recipients can access their forms by entering their Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) or Online Tax Authorization (OTA) verification, ensuring data security.

How to Enable Online Access with TaxBandits

Enabling online access for your employees through TaxBandits is straightforward.

Simply enter the required W-2 information and grant online access to your employee by providing their email ID. Once your W-2 Forms are transmitted to the Social Security Administration (SSA), your employees gain access to a secure online portal. They can conveniently view and download their forms at any time, ensuring easy access to their tax documents.

You can also enable online access after transmitting your Form W-2 by navigating to the “Distribution center” within TaxBandits. From there, simply select "Online Access" and choose to enable online access for the specific recipients you wish to grant access to.

Experience the convenience, security, and customization options of TaxBandits' Online Access Features, making tax document access a breeze for both employers and employees.

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