Form W-3c

Transmittal of Corrected Wages & Tax Statements Using TaxBandits

Overview of W-3c

Easy Transmitting of Form W-3c directly to SSA

The W-3c is the transmittal copy of the corrected tax and income statements. In most situations, the W-3c will accompany the W-2c, especially when it is delivered to the SSA and even when the total information from the W-2c forms are being submitted.

Individuals who are paper filing W-2 Forms need to file W-3 for transmitting the Copy A of the Form W-2. Now even if there is only a single paper W-2 form that is filed, the W-3 is still needed. In addition, you don't need to file the W-3 Form for the W-2 Forms which were submitted electronically to the SSA. For electronically filing of the W-2 forms, you don't need a separate W-3 form.

Deadline of W-3c Form

Form W-3c needs to be submitted as soon as possible with Form W-2c after an error is discovered. The deadline is as follows:

Paper Filing Deadline

January 31, 2017

Information required

Information Required to File Form W-3c
  • Employer Details (name, EIN, address, employee code, employer type)
  • Employee Details (name, SSN, address, contact details)
  • Federal Wage and Tax Details
  • State Wage and Tax Details

Where Do I File W-3c Form

If you are e-filing Form W-2c, then you don't need to file Form W-3c, as it is automatically generated. As per the SSA, it is better if you e-file W-2c Forms as it is more efficient and faster. Now the most efficient method to e-file the W-2c Forms is using the TaxBandits, as it is one of the IRS-authorized e-filing service providers.

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