Processing 2022 SSA EFW2 File Format for Federal & State E-file

Why TaxBandits to Process your 2022 EFW2 File Format with SSA?

Not everyone has the same requirements. Some might have used the software that actually generates the EFW2 file format as required by SSA or the state.But when it comes to filing, they don’t have the solution to process or upload their EFW2 with the SSA.

TaxBandits, a pioneer in providing the tax e-filing solution for employers, tax professionals, and the payroll service providers has a solution for those who want to process their EFW2 with SSA.

Yes. TaxBandits accepts your EFW2 file and processes it to e-file your W2 returns with the SSA and the state.

No need for any additional work or software downloads.Just contact TaxBandits or send us your EFW2 file templates. We help you meet your Form W-2 reporting without any trouble.

Additionally, you will get access to

  1. 1

    Smoother Data Migration and file processing

    TaxBandits will initiate E-file the moment you send the EFW2 file.

  2. 2

    TaxBandits inbuilt error check

    will ensure that your W2s are error-free to transmit with the IRS.

  3. 3

    TaxBandits validates your data at various levels

    Data Validation includes Form Field level validation, TIN matching, IRS Business Rule Validation, and USPS Address Validation.

  4. 4

    Online Access to Form Copies

    Whenever required, you can download a copy of your Form in the PDF format. We keep tracking your records for up to 7 years.

  5. 5

    Distribution of Employee Copies

    TaxBandits will print and postal mail the W2 copies to your employees and if you prefer you can invite your employees to retrieve their copies online.

We are ready to assist you throughout the process.Give a try to TaxBandits.

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Send us your EFW2 file template to the email or reach us at 704.684.4751.

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