Online Access is available for the following forms

1099 Forms

  • Form 1099-NEC
  • Form 1099-MISC
  • Form 1099-K
  • Other 1099s ( INT, DIV, R, S, B, C and more )

W2/ACA Forms

  • Form W2
  • Form W2-C
  • Form 1095-B
  • Form 1095-C


  • Form 1042-S
  • Form 5498
  • Form 5498-SA
  • Form 5498-ESA

3921/3922/1098 Forms

  • Form 3921
  • Form 3922
  • Form 1098-E
  • Form 1098-T

How Does Online Access Work?

TaxBandits’ Online Access feature allows you to distribute your form copies instantly to your recipients via secure online portal. This eco-friendly
option enables you to avoid the hassles of printing and mailing paper copies.

  • Step 1: When you transmit your return, you can opt-in to Online Access. Please note that you must have provided the recipient’s email address for them to be eligible.

  • Step 2: The recipients will receive an email with a link to the Secure Online Portal. Upon clicking the secure portal link, recipients are prompted to enter a four-digit password for an additional layer of security.

  • Step 3: Once they log in to the portal, they will be asked for consent to receive the form copies electronically.

  • Step 4: By providing their consent, recipients can access and download the form copies you shared.

Exclusive Features for Online Access Portal

Customize Your Portal’s Look

Customize Your Portal’s Look

TaxBandits lets you customize the portal to reflect your business branding. You can add your business logo, set the theme, and personalize the URL.

Advanced Security

Advanced Security

The portal is built with advanced security protocols ensuring the complete protection of all Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Record Keeping

Record Keeping

The forms will be stored in our cloud storage, and your recipients can access them anytime through their portal for record-keeping purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my recipient need to give their consent to access recipient copies via online access?

According to IRS guidelines outlined in Publication 1179, it is necessary to obtain consent from recipients before sharing their form copies electronically.

When will my employees receive Online Access after I have transmitted the forms through TaxBandits?

Once you transmit your forms to the respective agencies, your recipients will receive an email invitation to access the secure Portal. Once they give their consent to receive electronic copies they will be prompted to sign in securely using the last four digits of their TIN.

Is there an additional cost for the Online Access service that allows employees/recipients to view their W-2/1099?

Online Access is a very cost-effective option for distributing recipient copies, not to mention a sustainable, paperless option. Online Access can be enabled for just $0.50 per form.

How long will the recipients have access to their online forms?

The recipients will have access to their forms for recordkeeping purposes for 7 years.

How can I provide Online Access for 1099s to my recipients?

You have easy options to enable Online Access for your recipients’ 1099 copies. Add this service during the e-filing process, on the Order Summary page, or at any time after transmitting the forms from your TaxBandits account's Distribution Center.

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