TaxBandits Exclusive Features

TaxBandits offers exclusive features to enhance the filing process.
All 990-Series Schedules Supported

990 Schedules

TaxBandits supports most of the applicable Schedules for the Form 990 series which are auto-generated when you e-file your 990 Form.

Copy Return

Prior Year Autofill

To help your nonprofit steal back your time, TaxBandits’ nonprofit users can now copy information from previously filed 990/990-EZ returns when filing a new tax return.

Bulk Upload & Smart Upload

Amended Returns

You can e-file an amended tax return from your TaxBandits account. All you need to do is file a new return including the corrected information.

Re-Transmit Your Rejected Return for FREE

Re-transmit for Free

With TaxBandits you can re-transmit any rejected form 990 for free from your account.

Find the Right Worksheet for Your Records

Get the Right Worksheet

TaxBandits provides you with the proper and correct worksheet including all the details you need to be sure your records are accurate and organized.

U.S. Based Support

Bulk Upload

Easily add and upload all of your annual contributions, officers, employees, and income/expenses at once with our bulk upload option provided by TaxBandits.

Additional Users

Additional Users

Provide access to specific areas of your TaxBandits account to various officers and members of your organization.

Internal Audit Check

Internal Audit Check

Ensure that you are transmitting an error-free 990 tax return to the IRS! TaxBandits will perform an internal audit check to help you avoid any rejected returns.

Multi-Organizational Filing

Unlimited Filing

E-file for an unlimited number of organizations under your single TaxBandits account. Simply enter the EIN of the organization and start the filing process.

Real-Time Email Notifications

Real-Time Updates

Receive real-time email & text notifications regarding the status of your transmitted Form 990.

Reviewers and Approvers

Reviewers and Approvers

Multiple users who are part of the Organization’s Governing Body can edit and recheck your prepared return before transmitting it to the IRS with their digital signatures.

Expert Assistance

Premium Support

If you need help filing your 990 return, our team of expert tax e-filers is standing by ready to help you through the process.

Cloud Based Software

Cloud-Based Software

Access your account anywhere, anytime and handle any task including completing returns, transmitting, and anything else!

U.S. Based Support

US-based Support

Have a quick question? Curious about something in your TaxBandits account? Contact our 100%, US-based, live customer support team Monday - Friday 8.30 AM - 5.30 PM EST.

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