API Integration For Your Business

Expand your accounting, HCM, or payroll software with our advanced API integration.

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Advanced API Integration

Developers, add a new functionality to your existing software with the TaxBandits API integration. Tax professionals, payroll providers, and business owners can easily generate and transmit tax returns using our advanced API integration.

Form 1095-C


TaxBandits collaborates with tax professionals, business owners, and payroll providers to establish custom APIs that work with existing software.

Form 1095-C


After establishing your developer profile, you will begin testing the customized API. The testing process will ensure that you are enhancing the way your tax returns are generated and transmitted to the IRS.

Form 1095-C


During the certification process, we check for consistency and tax compliance. Our API certification process ensures that your forms are transmitted per the IRS business rules.

Integration You Can Trust

Improve your current workflow using your existing software integrated with the TaxBandits API. TaxBandit’s API provides an trustworthy e-filing solution that allows you to simplify the way you prepare and transmit tax returns. The TaxBandits API keeps you and your clients tax compliant.

This added functionality will bring a unique set of features to your software and will allow you to process and transmit client returns in the most efficient way possible. Change the way your business e-files taxes; explore the TaxBandits API now.

Customized Pricing

TaxBandits offers flexible and customizable pricing to accommodate the needs of your clients. Pricing will be determined depending on your client base and the various tools your custom API needs to incorporate.

Professional Support

TaxBandits offers a 100%, US-based customer support team located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Our dedicated team of e-filing experts are here to assist you as you build the perfect API.

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