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Expand Your Payroll Software with our API Integration

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Extend Your Reach with TaxBandits

Developers have the option to add a new functionality to their already existing software with the TaxBandits API integration. This allows tax professionals, payroll providers, and small business owners to generate and transmit tax returns from their current software solution.

Form 1095-C


TaxBandits offers a unique collaboration to tax professionals, small business owners, and payroll providers to establish our tax e-filing tool in their already existing software.

Form 1095-C


This build will not affect the database of any current software, only enhance the way tax returns are generated and transmitted to the IRS.

Form 1095-C


This build will ensure that all returns are checked for completeness and consistency prior to being transmitted to the IRS. This build will ensure that tax pros, small business owners, and payroll providers are transmitted all the forms required of their clients.

A Technical Solution For Your Software

The TaxBandits API works to collaborate, build, and establish compliance for all of your clients as more than just an e-filing tool.

As a tax professional, payroll provider, or small business owner, you can maintain your current workflow with your existing software and simply integrate the TaxBandits e-filing solution allowing you to simplify the way you prepare and transmit tax returns.

This new functionality will bring a unique set of feature to your software and work together to process and transmit clients returns in a more streamlined and efficient way. Change the way you e-file taxes and explore the TaxBandits API now.

Flexible Pricing Based on Your Needs

TaxBandits offers flexible and customizable pricing to accommodate the needs of your clients and you as a payroll provider. Pricing will be based on your client base and the various helpful tools you will need to get the job done.

Real Support From Real People

TaxBandits offers a 100%, US-based customer support team based in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Our dedicated team of e-filing experts is here to assist you in any way you need.

An API That Works For You