Organizations are expected by the IRS to provide a complete copy of its Form 990 information return to all members of its governing body before transmitting it. Due to the content of the 990 information return being open for access to the public, it is very important to have the information reviewed by other leaders within your organization. Availability of the Form 990 for open access to the public assists with evaluating the efficiency and capacity of the organization in accomplishing the mission that it is commissioned to.

When filing with TaxBandits, sharing the completed copy of your organization's 990 information return to all members of the governing body is possible through our "Manage Reviewers and Approvers" feature. During the final steps of the TaxBandits e-filing process, the return for the organization is generated and can be shared through TaxBandits with the required members of the governing body of the organization for review and approval. With secure sharing, the governing body members of your organization can login to access the return verify information, ensure amounts are entered correctly in the return and provide additional comments as needed.

Once the review of the 990 information return is completed by the organization's governing body, it can be approved by digitally signing the return and then transmitted directly to the IRS with TaxBandits comprehensive software.

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