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Quiet as it's kept, the secret to efficient tax filing is maintaining proper record keeping for your organization. Many filers use a "Worksheet" to keep detailed records and information about their organization's income and expenses.

While you may comprise tax calculations from your own cumulative perspective, our software will provide a detailed tax calculation in compliance with the IRS. This calculation is determined by the amounts entered during the e-filing process.

TaxBandits provides you with a tax worksheet for detailed information on the amount stated in a particular line on the Form 990 Series. With these amounts listed in detail, tax preparers gain a better understanding of where each number derived from and how all figures were selected.

Also, organizations that file Form 990, Form 990-EZ, Form 990-PF, and Form 1120-POL can simply download their worksheet and keep track of the organization's financial activities throughout the year.

Remaining organized and having accurate information prior to filing your return is important due to the return being made accessible to the public once it has been accepted by the IRS.

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