Schedules B & R Included

Schedule B (Form 941)

Easily file your Schedule B (Form 941) and transmit it directly to the IRS to report your tax liability and semiweekly deposit schedule.

Pay Balance Due

Schedule A (Form 940)

File Schedule A (Form 940) easily with TaxBandits and transmit it directly to the IRS to report your unemployment tax payment or credit reduction information.

E-Sign Form 8453 -EMP

Form 8974

If you want to claim R&D credits through Form 8974, TaxBandits will auto-populate the required information for Form 8974 when you e-file your Form 941.

Free Online Signature PIN

94x Online Signature PIN

The IRS requires you to sign your form with an Online Signature PIN when filing your 94x Series. Simply request a FREE Online Signature PIN with us.

E-Sign Form 8453 -EMP

Form 8453-EMP

If you don't have an Online Signature PIN, don't worry. You can use Form 8453-EMP to e-sign your Form 94x Series instead.

US-Based Customer Support

Report Zero Taxes

If you don't have any taxes to report on Form 941, select the "no payments were made" option. This will allow you to complete your form more easily.

Form 941 Worksheet 1

Form 941 Worksheet 1

Completing Form 941 using Worksheet 1 is now easy with TaxBandits. Calculate refundable and non-refundable tax credits you are eligible for.

Pay Balance Due

Form 940-V Payment

Do you have a balance due to the IRS? We automatically generate the Payment Voucher (Form 940-V) for you to settle your account.

Pay Balance Due

Form 941-V Payment

We will automatically generate Payment Voucher (Form 941-V) if you have a balance due to the IRS of $2500 or less.

Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload

Instead of inputting your employers detail individually, you can upload all your employers information in an instance with the bulk upload option from TaxBandits.

Multi-User Access

Multi-User Access

You can add multiple users to your TaxBandits account and allow them to manage 941 returns for your business or clients.

Interview Style Filing Process

Interview Style E-Filing

Our interview styling e-filing process will help you easily complete your 941 returns. Answer the tax-related questions & transmit them to the IRS.

Postal Mailing/Print Center

Printing / Postal Mailing

Use the print center your from account to instantly print your 94x series forms, or you can choose to have us print and mail hard copies to your clients.

Instant Text Notification

Real-Time Updates

Receive updates about the status of your form by having instant text notifications sent to your phone. You will also receive updates via email.

Built-In Error Checks

Built-In Error Check

Our internal audit checks your return for any errors before it is transmitted to the IRS, reducing the chances of the form rejection.

Activity Log

Activity Log

View all the activity in your TaxBandits account including added users, logins, processed information, and more at any time.

Identity Verification

Identity Verification

In response to the rising issue of fraudulent tax filings, TaxBandits has introduced an identity verification feature that ensures only legitimate users with verified identities can access and submit tax forms through the TaxBandits platform.

US-Based Customer Support

Prior-Year Tax Filing

If you failed to report 941 forms for the previous tax year, you can easily e-file information returns with the IRS from your TaxBandits account.

US-Based Customer Support

US-Based Support

Our live, U.S. based support team is standing by to help. Contact us with your questions during any stage of the e-filing process.

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