Print Center & Postal Mailing

Access the Print Center in your TaxBandits account to instantly download and print your completed 941 Form once transmitted to the IRS.

Or you can have an TaxBandits representative print your form and postal mail it from our headquarters in Rock Hill, SC.

In the Print Center, you will be able to view, download, and print your forms from any location at any time. This includes all payer/employer, recipient/employee, and state copies. You can also view, download, and print copies for both the current and previous tax year.

Printing / Postal Mailing

When filing your return, if you don't choose the postal mailing option, don't worry. You can add it later. Simply contact our dedicated, US-based support team and we will print and mail copies to your recipients and employees.

File your 941 in Minutes

  • IRS Authorized
  • Easy to Use
  • Complete in Few Steps
  • E-file starts at just $4.95/return
  • Built In Error Check
  • Apply 94x PIN for Free
  • Use Form 8453-EMP
  • Includes Schedule B
  • Includes Form 8974
  • Instant IRS Filing Status
  • File for Previous Quarter or Year

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