IRS Form 941 for Q4 2021

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Form 941 for Q4 2021

Updated on September 8, 2022 - 10:30 AM by Admin, TaxBandits

Form 941 is used to report federal income taxes, social security tax, or medicare tax that are withheld from employee's paychecks. This has to be filed quarterly. Filing deadlines of the Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return are the last day of January, April, July and October. For the 2021 fourth quarter Form 941, this article gives you the following helpful information:

The following topics are covered in this article:

1. Is there any change to the 4th quarter Form 941 for 2021?

For the fourth quarter, there are no changes to Form 941. The process for reporting the taxes, calculating the sick leave wages, family leave wages and employee retention credit remains the same as it was for the 3rd quarter of 2021 Form 941. The following were the changes made to the form for the previous quarter:

2021 Form 941 for Q3: For the Q3, IRS had added four new 941 worksheets. And according to that, the Form 941 fields were changed which included the calculation of Employee retention credit, COBRA premium assistance credits.

Some of the exceptions in filing Form 941 are:

  • Employers who have received a notification to file Form 944
  • Seasonal employers
  • Household employers
  • Employers of farm employees

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2. What is the due date to file the 941 Forms?

Form 941 is usually due at the end of the month following the close of the quarter. The following are the 941 deadlines for the 2021 tax year.

Quarter Reporting Period Due Date
Quarter 1 Jan, Feb, and Mar April 30, 2021
Quarter 2 Apr, May, and Jun August 02, 2021
Quarter 3 Jul, Aug, and Sep November 01, 2021
Quarter 4 Oct, Nov, and Dec January 31, 2022
Form 940

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3. How to file Form 941 for the 4th quarter of 2021?

When it comes to choosing your filing method, filing electronically simplifies the process. The IRS recommends the e-filing Form 941 because it saves you time and greatly reduces common filing errors. With TaxBandits, employers can file 941 electronically by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Enter Form 941 Details
  • Step 2: Review the Summary Form 941
  • Step 3: Pay the filing fee & transmit the complete Form 941 to the IRS

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4. Features of TaxBandits that simplify your Form 941 filing

94x Online Signature PIN

94x Online Signature PIN

TaxBandits helps you apply for an online signature PIN. This allows you to e-sign your Form 941. Applying for a PIN through TaxBandits is free.

Form 8453- EMP

Form 8453- EMP

If you don’t have a 94x Online Signature PIN, you still can file Form 941 by using Form 8453-EMP with TaxBandits. This is an alternative to the Online PIN.

Easy Worksheet Calculation

Easy Worksheet Calculation

For the fourth quarter of the 2021 tax year, employers need to complete up to four 941 worksheets. These are included in the TaxBadnits e-filing process with automatic calculations.

5. Other 941 Forms Supported by TaxBandits

Form 941 PR

Form 941 PR is essentially the same as the 941 Form, however, it is used by employers of Puerto Rico. Meaning it is available in Spanish. This Form is also used to report the taxes withheld and filed four times in a year.

Form 941 SS

The difference between the Form 941-SS and 941 is that Form 941 SS is filed by employers of American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Form 941 Schedule R

Reporting agents filing on behalf of their clients, must file the aggregate Form 941. Form 941 Schedule R is used for this purpose. It contains a line-by-line summary of their clients’ Form 941.

Form 941 X

Form 941-X (Adjusted Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Return or Claim for Refund) is used to correct any errors in previously filed 941 Forms. TaxBandits supports the filing of 941-X.

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