Postal Mailing

During the process of e-filing your return, you can choose to have a hard, paper copy of your return sent to recipients courtesy of our postal mailing feature. If you choose to include postal mailing in your e-filing, we will not only federally e-file your Forms (and file them with the state if applicable), but we will also mail any employee or payee a copy of the Forms as well!

Adding postal mailing to your e-filing is simple. You will choose the 'Package' option which will include both your Federal and State filing plus your postal. From there, our customer support team will print the copies of your returns from our in-house print center in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Finally, our team will send the copies of your returns off to the appropriate recipient or employee.

If you didn't choose the postal mailing option during your e-filing and would like to add it, you simply need to call our locally based customer support team and they will make sure the forms are printed and sent off!

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