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Bulk UploadBulk Upload

Simplify your filing process and save time with our bulk upload templates.

Bulk upload templates are the perfect time-saving solution for those filing for multiple EINs or have a large number of employees.

All you have to do is to download our templates, update all your information, and upload it back into our system. You can then review the data that has been uploaded and make any required corrections.

If you have your own excel template, you can upload it to our system, and make sure that the column name matches the field of the form.

List of TaxBandits Excel Templates for IRS Forms:

Click here to download our Excel Templates for Bulk Upload

941 Form Bulk Upload Templates
Form 941 Quarter 1,2 2023 Download Template
Form 941 Quarter 2,3,4 2022 Download Template
Form 941 Quarter 1, 2022 Download Template
Form 941 Quarter 2, 3, 4, 2021 Download Template
Form 941 Quarter 1, 2021 Download Template
Form 941 Quarter 3, 4, 2020 Download Template
Form 941 Quarter 2, 2020 Download Template
Form 941 Quarter 1, 2020 Download Template
94x Forms Bulk Upload Templates
Form 941 Download Template
Form 941 Schedule B Download Template
Form 941 Schedule R Download Template
Form 940 Schedule R Download Template
W-2 Forms Bulk Upload Templates
Form W-2 Download Template
1099 Forms Bulk Upload Templates
Form 1099 NEC Download Template
Form 1099 MISC Download Template
Form 1099 INT Download Template
Form 1099 DIV Download Template
Form 1099 K Download Template
Form 1099 B Download Template
Form 1099 R Download Template
Form W-8 / W-9 Bulk Upload Templates
Form W-8 BEN Download Template
Form W-9 Download Template
ACA Forms Bulk Upload Templates
Form 1095-C Download Template
Form 1095-B Employer Download Template
Form 1095-B Insurer Download Template

TaxBandits processes the Form data in any of the IRS’ acceptable file formats such as EFW2 and FIRE File.

EFW2 File UploadEFW2 File Upload

All businesses have different software needs. Perhaps your software generates the EFW2 file format that is required by the SSA. However, they may not have the capability to process or upload their files when it comes to filing.

TaxBandits, helps you to convert your EFW2 file into individual forms. These forms can be downloaded, printed, and mailed to your employees.

FIRE File UploadFIRE File Upload

If you have already filed your 1099 Forms with another service provider and are looking for a solution to mail the copies to the recipients, TaxBandits helps you convert your FIRE file into individual forms with the FIRE File converter feature. These forms can be downloaded, printed, and mailed to your employees. The entire process is quick and easy!


TaxBandit's integration with QuickBooks Online lets you prepare 1099s and e-file them with the IRS authorized e-file provider, TaxBandits 1099 E-File Service. We also mail a printed copy of your Form 1099 to your contractors.

Check this out to know more about our integration with QuickBooks!


TaxBandits is an IRS-authorized e-file software that has now integrated with Xero accounting software, offering the users a way to quickly cross-reference their 1099 reports before transmitting their returns directly to the IRS.

TaxBandits’ simplified e-filing process is easy to use. All you have to do is, select the vendors, pull your data from the Xero, preview your 1099 forms, and transmit it to the IRS.

Click here to know more about Xero Integration

XeroZoho Books

TaxBandits is integrated with Zoho Books, enabling you to seamlessly import your Contractor/Vendor data and e-file Form 1099-NEC/MISC instantly without any hassle.

Click here to know more about Zoho Books Integration

Fresh booksFresh books

TaxBandits is integrated with Fresh Books, enabling you to seamlessly import your Contractor/Vendor data and e-file Form 1099-NEC/MISC instantly without any hassle.

Click here to know more about Fresh books Integration

QuickBooksAPI Integration

TaxBandits is one of the leading providers in offering the API solution for IRS Tax E-filing. Our API Integration can be used by any of the service providers who want to expand their businesses into tax e-filing. Learn more about our API solution by visiting

Internal Audit CheckInternal Audit Check

TaxBandits internal audit check ensures that your Forms are validated through IRS business rules, Basic Form Validation, and IRS Schema Validation. Any errors identified will be listed and you will be prompted to fix those instantly. This will make sure that you are transmitting error-free returns with the Federal and State.

TIN MatchingTIN Matching

TIN errors are a concern of the past with TaxBandits.

Being an IRS/SSA authorized e-file provider, TaxBandits validates your employee’s TIN against the SSA database. This greatly reduces the chance of TIN errors.

You will be notified with any TIN mismatches that are found in your forms. This will allow you to easily correct the mistake and retransmit your Form W-2 to the SSA.

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TIN MatchingUSPS Address Validation

All the addresses entered on your Forms will be validated through our USPS Address Validation to verify that you have entered the right addresses on your Form. Any errors identified will be prompted and you can fix that instantly.

Postal MailingPostal Mailing

Our postal mailing feature allows users to easily provide their recipients with a copy of their tax form.

TaxBandits handles the federal e-filing of your W-2s, 1099s, 1095s, and we also handle your state filing if applicable. When you choose the postal mail option, your recipient copies, we distribute your recipient copies using the US Postal Service.

TaxBandits validate all of your recipients’ addresses against the USPS database to ensure that your forms arrive accurately and on time.

Online Access PortalOnline Access Portal

TaxBandits allows the employees/recipients to view & download the copies of their W2s and 1099s through a secured online access portal. This simplifies the process of distributing the employee's / recipient copies.

Once you have transmitted your Forms, your employees/recipients will be provided access to the TaxBandits secure, online portal where they can view or download their IRS Form copies.

Employees/recipients can access the secure portal from anywhere, anytime.

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Access to Form CopiesAccess to Form Copies

As required by the IRS, all the Form copies are stored on our secure HIPPA compliant server for up to 7 years. You can always log In to your TaxBandits account and download or print the Form copies at any time. Simply navigate to “Distribution Center”, from your dashboard to access the Form Copies.

Additional User AccessAdditional User Access

TaxBandits software allows multiple users to manage a single account. This Additional User Access feature allows account access to members of your team. They can log in to the account to edit, update, or manage your IRS forms on your behalf.

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Workflow ManagementWorkflow Management

Managing workflow is crucial for tax professionals and payroll service providers, as they manage tax filings for multiple businesses. Our software allows professional users to provide needed access to their clients, making it easy to manage several businesses all from one place.

Tax professionals have complete control over the clients that access their TaxBandits account. Tracking account activity and reviewing the forms that your clients have uploaded for IRS transmissions is an easy process.

Client PortalClient Portal

Communicate with your clients in real-time and share information needed to file their tax returns through the secure Client Portal. TaxBandits client portal enables the Tax Pros to keep track of their clients’ bulk upload files, TIN Errors, and W9 progress, all from one place. This provides them with the ability to track the comments or observations made by their clients or the progress made by your staff.

Buy CreditsBuy Credits

No need to pay for each return that you prepare. Purchase Prepaid Credits at a volume-based rate, this saves you money and time spent entering credit card information before each form transmission.

Multi-Factor AuthenticationMulti-Factor Authentication

TaxBandits users can opt for additional account security by enabling 2-Step Authentication. This optional feature helps prevent unauthorized access to your account. This feature provides another layer of security by prompting users to enter a verification code to access their account. This verification code is sent to the mobile device or email address that is associated with the account.

TaxBandits 2-Step Authentication

Advanced SecurityAdvanced Security

At TaxBandits, we take data security extremely seriously. We deal with copious amounts of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) including clients’ names, DOB, TIN, and a variety of other confidential business information. We safeguard this data using proven technologies and properties. We take a multilayer approach to data security, using cutting-edge techniques and a series of protocols to prevent any security breakdowns.

As data is moved and processed, it becomes more difficult to ensure its security. This is why we have protocols set in place to combat and address any security breaches.

  • Security of Data in Transit
  • Security of Data at Rest
  • Security of Data when in Use
  • API Security
  • Server Security
  • Security Policies and Internal Security Audits

Electronic SignatureElectronic Signature

With TaxBandits, you can always invite your employees or vendors to complete the required forms such as, Form W-4, Form W-9, and Form W-8 BEN. They can enter all the applicable information and then sign it digitally.

The signed Forms will be instantly available for your access under your TaxBandits account. You can access it anytime and anywhere.

Schedule FilingSchedule Filing

Dealing with multiple clients? Save more time and avoid manual work in filing your clients return. Prioritize and complete your clients’ forms ahead of time and choose the date when they need to be transmitted with the IRS and the State for each of your clients.

Real-Time NotificationsReal Time Notifications

Be it IRS filing status, TIN validation, W-9 request, or any client uploads. You will be notified about the status via email instantly. Also, you can track the status right from your dashboard for each of these action items.

Supporting FormsSupporting Forms

TaxBandits provides access to all the supporting Forms that you may require. This includes

  • Summary Forms W3, 1096, ACA 1094-B, and 1094-C.
  • Withholding certification W9, W4, and W8-BEN.
  • Payment Vouchers 940-V, 941-V, 943-V, 944-V, and 945-V.
  • Schedules such as 940-A, 941-B, 943-A, and 945-A.
  • Form 8974, 8453-EMP, and Worksheets for 94x series of Forms.