Form W-3, Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements

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What is Form W-3?

Form W-3 is the transmittal copy of Form W-2. This form states the tax and wage statement of all the employees while Form W-2 consists of information such as medicare wages, SSA wages, and other various withholdings. Essentially, Form W-3 is the summary of filed W-2 Forms.

Form W-3 is required to be submitted along with Copy A of the W-2 Form for each employee. The total of each tax and wage statement on Form W-3 must equal to the total of all the tax and wages reported on the filed W-2 Forms.

Deadline for W-3

2018 Form W3 Deadline

Paper Filing Deadline

January 31, 2024

While e-filing your W-2 Forms with our software, your Form W-3 will gets auto-generated based on the information on your W-2s.

Information That Must Match on Both Form W-3 and
Form W-2:

  • Total amount of compensation and taxes paid
  • Total federal income tax withheld
  • Total Medicare wages, tips, and Medicare tax withheld
  • Total Social Security wages and Social Security
  • Total non-qualified plans

Note: The SSA strongly recommend employers to file Form W-2 electronically. Form W-3 is required only when paper filing.

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Information Required to Complete Form W-3

  • Check Box B, which describes the employment taxes that are paid to employees on Form 941 or Form 944.
  • Enter the total number of W-2 Forms attached in Box C. Enter the Employer ID Number in Box E.
  • Enter the totals for all W-2s for each employee in Box 1 to Box 14.
  • Enter the totals for state income and withholding for all W-2s in Box 15 to Box 18.
  • Form W-3 must be signed by the employer after verification.

The above mentioned information is needed only if you are filing W2 by paper. Form W3 will generate automatically if you are filing W2 returns with our e-filing software. Start E-filing Now

2018 Form W3

Form W-3 Correction

If you have an error on a W-2 Form, you are required to file Form W-2c to correct the errors along with the transmittal Form W-3c. Don't worry, TaxBandits will automatically generate Form W-3c for you when you e-file W-2c with us. Correct Your W2 Forms Now!

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When you file Form W-2 with TaxBandits, there’s no need for you to create a W-3 Form, as TaxBandits will automatically generate your W-3 Form based on the information that you provide for your W-2 Forms.

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