Form W-3, Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements

Overview of W-3

Form W-3 is the transmittal copy of Form W-2. This form states the tax and wage statement of all the employees while Form W-2 consists of information such as medicare wages, SSA wages, and other various withholdings. Essentially, Form W-3 is the summary of filed W-2 Forms.

Form W-3 is required to be submitted along with Copy A of the W-2 Form for each employee. The total of each tax and wage statement on Form W-3 must equal to the total of all the tax and wages reported on the filed W-2 Forms.

Deadline for W-3

Paper Filing Deadline

January 31, 2018

Information That Must Match on Both Form W-3 and Form W-2:

  • Total amount of compensation and taxes paid
  • Total federal income tax withheld
  • Total Medicare wages, tips, and Medicare tax withheld
  • Total Social Security wages and Social Security
  • Total non-qualified plans

Note: The SSA strongly recommend employers to file Form W-2 electronically. Form W-3 is required only when paper filing.

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Information Required to Complete Form W-3:

  • Check Box B, which describes the employment taxes that are paid to employees on Form 941 or Form 944.
  • Enter the total number of W-2 Forms attached in Box C. Enter the Employer ID Number in Box E.
  • Enter the totals for all W-2s for each employee in Box 1 to Box 14.
  • Enter the totals for state income and withholding for all W-2s in Box 15 to Box 18.
  • Form W-3 must be signed by employer after verification.
IRS Form W2 2017

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Form W-3 Correction

If you have an error on a W-2 Form, you are required to file Form W-2c to correct the errors along with the transmittal Form W-3c. Don't worry, TaxBandits will automatically generate Form W-3c for you when you e-file W-2c with us.

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