Interview Style E-Filing

Tax preparation and filing can be complex and usually done with the help of expensive tax preparers, but we knew there had to be an easier way.

That’s why the dedicated TaxBandits team developed the step-by-step interview style tax preparation & e-filing process, that keeps your convenience in mind, to help you save time and money.

Do It Yourself Tax Preparation & Tax Filing

If you’re a small business owner, instead of hiring a tax professional to complete your 94x Series Forms you can always log in to TaxBandits quickly and easily prepare your form & file yourself with the IRS.

Our interactive program will guide you through the e-filing process step-by-step. Helpful tax information is provided along the way to answer all of your questions. Plus, our built-in error check will catch any basic errors.

Our software will tell you what information is required and where it needs to go, so you can instantly file your return with our secure, IRS authorized system. You will have your forms prepared, completed, and ready to transmit directly to the IRS in a matter of minutes.

These same innovative features can be utilized by tax preparers to simplify filing taxes for their clients.

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