FAQs on Payroll Forms

Form 941

What is Form 941?

When is Form 941 Due?

What is the Penalty for Failing to File Form 941?

How Do I File Form 941 Electronically?

How Do I E-file Form 941 with TaxBandits?

What is the Form 941 Schedule B?

Who Needs to File Schedule B with Form 941?

Where is Schedule B on Form 941?

How Can I View My Schedule B Before Filing My Return?

What is the Form 941 Schedule R?

Who Can File Aggregate 941 Forms?

I'm a CPA. Can I E-file Form 941 for My Clients with TaxBandits?

Can I E-file Form 941 for Multiple Businesses from One TaxBandits Account?

I'm a Reporting Agent. Can I E-file Form 941 for My Clients with TaxBandits?

How Will I Know If the IRS Has Accepted or Rejected My Return?

How Long Does it Take the IRS to Accept or Reject a Return?

What is the IRS E-File Help Desk Phone Number?

Can I print my 941 return before transmitting to the IRS?

Can I upload employers in bulk to TaxBandits?

How late can I file Form 941 on the deadline?

I don't have all the information I need to file, will my progress be saved so I can finish later?

The IRS has received my Form 941. How do I submit my tax payment?

I just completed IRS Form 941 for the second quarter and I'm waiting for the customer signature. How do I print the return?

My Form 941 was rejected by the IRS and I need to file a correction. Can I do that here?

I just signed up and came across (PTIN) What is it that?

How much does it cost to e-file Form 941? Is there a special rate or discount if I file multiple reports?

I don't have the credit card to validate my ID for PIN request purpose. What else can I do?

I have lost my IRS Signature PIN for Form 941. How can I get another one?

Will I be charged for applying for a Online Signature PIN for e-filing Form 941?

When I click on Form 941 to start filing, it asks if I am a paid tax professional or business owner. I am neither. What should I select?

Is there a way to print the completed Form 941 for the client to review before it is e-filed?

Is my EFTPS PIN and Online signature PIN the same?

What is Form 8974 and how I can complete with TaxBandits?

Can I file Form 941 for the previous years?

Can I import the payroll information from my payroll software (e.g. ADP, Patriot, Sage 50, etc.)?

How to file IRS Form 941 for 2017 Tax Year?

How to fill out form 941 schedule B?

Where to mail form 941?

Can I file Form 941 for 4th quarter 2017 Tax Year?

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