Bulk Upload - Import Multiple Payers, Recipients & Forms

Bulk Upload for Payer/Employer

E-filing 1099 tax forms for multiple payers/employers can be tedious unless you take advantage of TaxBandits’ Bulk Upload features through an Excel/CSV Template. Fill in the details in the dtemplate for each of the Payer/Employer and upload it to our software. The filled-in information for each of the Payer/Employer can be previewed and imported to our software.

  • Step 1: Download the Excel/CSV Template [Template Model]
  • Step 2: Add Payer/Employer Details to the template. But do not change the column headers or the format
  • Step 3: Upload the filled template to our software
  • Step 4: Preview Payer/Employer details and import data to our software.
Bulk Upload

Bulk Upload for Recipients and Forms

If you have a large amount of Recipients and Forms, you can Bulk Upload your recipient details all at once. You can download our TaxBandits Excel/CSV template available for the purpose, fill-in with recipients and form details (by retaining the column headings of the template) and upload in our software. Alternatively, the details of recipients and form details can be uploaded through your own excel template. The uploaded recipients and corresponding form details can be mapped for the required fields in the 1099 Form and previewed. After preview, import data to our software. The 1099 Form generated can be reviewed before transmitting to the IRS.

  • Step 1: Select type of template file either TaxBandits or your Own Excel/CSV template
  • Step 2: if you select TaxBandits template then
    • Download the Excel Template [Template Model]
    • Add Recipient Details to the template. Do not change the headers or the format.
    • Upload the template file
    • Map the excel columns to the form fields
    • Preview and import the data
    • Review and Transmit to the IRS
  • Step 3: if you select your own template then
    • Upload your own file
    • Map the excel columns to the form fields
    • Preview and import the data
    • Review and Transmit to the IRS
Bulk Upload

List of 1099 Excel Templates for Recipients and Forms:

Click here to download our Excel Templates for Bulk Upload

Form 1099-MISC

Miscellaneous Income

Download 1099-MISC Template

Form 1099-INT

Interest Income

Download 1099-INT Template

Form 1099-DIV

Dividends and Distributions

Download 1099-DIV Template

Form 1099-B

Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions

Download 1099-B Template

Form 1099-R

Pensions, Annuities,Retirement or Profit-Sharing Plans, IRAs,Insurance Contracts

Download 1099-R Template

Form 1099-S

Real Estate Transactions

Download 1099-S Template

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