ACA 1095 Excel Templates for Recipients

TaxBandits' bulk upload templates makes ACA filing easier! Select the necessary Excel template, fill out the required information, and upload. Our system validates the file for any missing or incorrect data, and will indicate errors for accurate filing. Preview the Form(s) before you pay and transmit it to the IRS.

Form Type Download Templates

Form 1095-B Template for Employer

Form 1095-B Template for Insurer

Form 1095-C Employees Template

Form MA 1099-HC Template

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How to Import your 1095 Form Data in Bulk using TaxBandits Excel Template

  • Step 1: Download the Required 1095 Excel Template

  • Step 2: Fill in the Required Information

  • Step 3: Sign In to Your TaxBandits Account and select the Required 1095 Form from the Dashboard

  • Step 4: Select “Upload Excel File” and Add Businesses Details

  • Step 5: Upload the Completed Excel Template in the
    “Upload Data” Section.

  • Step 6: Review Your Form in the draft version before you pay the filing Fee

  • Step 7: Review and Transmit it to the IRS and State

Import Multiple Businesses and Recipient Details with our
Bulk Upload Templates

Download our Excel/CSV template, input the required details, and seamlessly upload it back into our software.

Businesses Details

Excel Template for

Download Bulk Upload Template to Import Multiple Businesses

Excel Template for Recepients

Excel Template for

Download Bulk Upload Template to Import Multiple Recipients

Business & Recipient Template

Business & Recipient
Template New

Download Bulk Upload Template to Import Multiple Business & Recipient

You can also use your own Excel template to import multiple recipient data to file multiple returns at once.

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Businesses Details

Download 1099 Excel / CSV Templates

Excel Template for Recepients

Download W-2 Excel / CSV Templates

Business & Recipient Template

Download 940 & 941 Excel / CSV Templates

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