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Partner with TaxBandits and grow your payroll company with our integrated tax filing solution.

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Now Providing a Simplified Tax Filing Solution for PEOs/CPEOs & 3504 Agents

Eliminate the burden of filing payroll taxes for your clients with TaxBandits simplified tax filing solution. Our software is designed to help you file your client’s tax
returns with ease.

We support all major Payroll Tax Forms that PEOs & 3504 Reporting Agents need!

Form 940/941 Sch R Form 940/941/944 Form W-2 Form 1099 Form 1095 Tax Extensions

Partner with TaxBandits and Change the Way You File Taxes For Your Clients

TaxBandits offers the most innovative e-filing tools on the market, simplifying the way payroll companies are handling tax filing for clients and companies of all sizes. With features catered directly towards payroll providers such as bulk e-filing, your company will be saving time and effort in order to better serve
your client base.

A Tax Partner Made Just For You

TaxBandits provides a unique tax filing solution for:

  • Payroll Service Providers
  • Reporting Agents
  • Section 3504 Reporting Agents
  • Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO’s)

Innovative E-filing Features

  • Real-time, simplified tax e-filing
  • Manage an unlimited number of clients from one account
  • Keep your business and your clients compliant with the IRS
  • Keep track of your clients information from your dashboard
  • Enhanced data integration automates the way you file taxes
  • Save time with the e-signature authentication
  • Customizable pricing available to fit your needs as a payroll provider
  • Need help? Our 100%, US-based customer support team is standing by

Keep Your Clients Compliant

As a payroll provider, ensuring that your clients remain compliant with IRS is the bulk of your responsibility. TaxBandits works alongside you to not only e-file tax forms, but to remain prepared in the instance of an audit per updated IRS and state requirements. With insightful tools and helpful compliance features, you can rest assured that your clients are always being taken care of.

Meet IRS Reporting Standards

Manage and reconcile your clients employment tax, non-wage payments, social security, unemployment, Medicare contributions, and various state filing requirements annually with TaxBandits.

Filing Solution for Authorized Service providers

TaxBandits supports the filing of W2s, 1099s, 94x, & 1095 Forms for the services providers who have the authorization to file for their clients.

Automatic Tax Law Updates

As tax law is constantly changing it can be a lot to keep up with. With TaxBandits, our software will automatically update these tax laws once the IRS announces them ensuring your filing all the required forms for your clients.

Keep Your Clients Data Safe & Secure

As an IRS-authorized e-file provider, TaxBandits works closely alongside the IRS to ensure safety and security regarding your client's information. You can rest assured that their information is being transmitted only to the IRS.

State Filing Available for Certain Forms

Your clients non-wage 1099 returns for specific state filings can be filed with TaxBandits as part of the Combined Federal/State Filing Program of the IRS. Our innovative software also supports W-2 returns with state specific filing and reconciliation requirements.

Comprehensive Record Keeping

Any forms that are transmitted and/or accepted by the IRS are archived in your TaxBandits account keeping your clients important tax information organized and easily accessible in the instance of an audit.

Simplified Client Management

Add & Manage Multiple Clients

TaxBandits streamlines the way you handle your clients. Under your single account, you can effectively add and manage an unlimited number of clients keeping you organized and efficient.

Access Your Account From Anywhere

As a cloud-based product, you can easily access your account from anywhere at any time to update information, transmit returns, and more.

Easy to Navigate Dashboard

TaxBandits simplifies the way you e-file taxes for your clients. From our easy to navigate dashboard, you can manage multiple clients and their important information.

Choose How You Upload Client Data

TaxBandits automates the way you file taxes for an unlimited number of clients. TaxBandits allows you to choose the data import method that best suits your needs from any of the following ways:

  • Manual Data Entry
  • Bulk Upload
  • API Integration
  • Previously Generated PDF or XML document
  • FTP
  • Custom Interface

Helpful Tools to Keep You Moving Forward

Transmit Error Free Returns the First Time

TaxBandits is built with an internal audit check, ensuring that your uploaded client data is accurate, complete, and free of any inconsistencies that would result in return rejection by the IRS.

Allow Clients to Review Returns

Prior to transmitting to the IRS, you can conveniently allow for your clients to verify and approve the returns. This tool is available for certain forms where this sort of review would be necessary.

Client e-Signature Tool

This authorization tool allows you, as a third party payroll provider, the ability to transmit forms on behalf of your clients via an e-Signature.

Real-Time Status Updates & Reports

View and monitor the status of your transmitted returns from your TaxBandits account. Whether your returns are in preparation, have been transmitted, or have been accepted/rejected, your TaxBandits account will let you know every step of the way.

Flexible Pricing Based on Your Needs

TaxBandits offers flexible and customizable pricing to accommodate the needs of your clients and you as a payroll provider. Pricing will be based on your client base and the various helpful tools you will need to get the job done.

Volume Based Pricing

If you require a large number of a specific form to be filed, contact us and we will work to land on a reasonable price fit to your filing needs.

Package Pricing

Bundle up! TaxBandits provides customized pricing for payroll providers that want to go ahead and package all applicable payroll related tax forms needed for your clients. If you are looking to file all 941, W-2, 1099, and 1095 forms, this one is for you.

Purchase Pre-Paid Credits

Save time and purchase pre-paid credits for the bulk filing of your payroll clients. Instead of paying each time a form needs filing, pay all at once when you purchase credits from your TaxBandits account.

Real Support From Real People

TaxBandits offers a 100%, US-based customer support team based in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Our dedicated team of e-filing experts is here to assist you in any way you need.

Change The Way You E-file For Your Clients

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