Multi-User Access

Having a second set of eyes when filing tax returns is always beneficial. With TaxBandits, you can now grant other members of your business or organization access to your account with our Multi-User Access feature.

Team members who receive access to your account will have the ability to complete a variety of tasks, including editing or updating items and even e-filing 1099 forms as needed.

How to Add Additional Users to Your Account?

Adding additional users to your TaxBandits account is simple and can be completed in just a few steps. Simply login as the main user of the account and from the Settings tab, enter basic information regarding the additional user. The added user will then receive an auto-generated password sent directly from TaxBandits which will be used to access the account for the first-time. Once the account has been accessed, the login password can be changed to what they would like!

What Privileges Will Additional Users Have?

Additional users will have the same account privileges and access as you, except for the ability to add additional users. Added users can prepare, manage, create, edit, and submit any form in the 1099 series series on your behalf.

Additional users can also work simultaneously with each other to complete projects in a more timely manner.

Can I Monitor What’s Been Done?

As the main user of the account, you have full access to monitor the activity of each additional user through the TaxBandits Activity Log. This additional feature allows you track what has been done while you were away and who completed the action.

Why TaxBandits?

  • File 1099s in Minutes
  • IRS-Authorized Provider
  • Bulk Data Upload
  • Only Takes a Few Steps!
  • Supports CF/SF States
  • Print & Postal Mail
  • E-file as low as $0.80/form

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