Activity Log

At TaxBandits, we understand the number of areas in your business that you must focus on from day to day. To eliminate the burden of keeping record of your tax filing process, TaxBandits provides you with a complimentary Activity Log.

Granting you assurance that your filing records remain safe and secured, the TaxBandits Activity Log will give you a real-time record of the various actions you have taken while filing your tax forms with your TaxBandits account.

Perfect for users who are filing for multiple clients at a time, the Activity Log eliminates the worry of having to remember when or if a tax form was filed. Stay organized and on top of any returns that you are required to file with this beneficial feature.

Why TaxBandits?

  • File 1099s in Minutes
  • IRS-Authorized Provider
  • Bulk Data Upload
  • Only Takes a Few Steps!
  • Supports CF/SF States
  • Print & Postal Mail
  • E-file as low as $0.80/form

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