How to Get Form W-4 Online with TaxBandits?

Invite Employees to Fill W-4

Enter the e-mail address of the employees you want to invite to fill out Form W-4.

Let Employees Complete and E-sign W-4

Employees receive an e-mail with a link to complete and e-sign Form W-4 online.

Review the Form W-4

Once they complete W-4, you can review the completed Form W-4.

Print/Download the Form

You can print the completed Form W-4 for records or download a digital copy if necessary.

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Getting W-4 from your employees is a simple process using TaxBandits!

What information should employees complete on Form W-4?

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  • 1. Personal Details: Name, Address, SSN, and tax-filing Status.
  • 2. Multiple Jobs or Spouse Works: If you have more than one job at the same time or are married, filing jointly, and your spouse works.
  • 3. Claim Dependents: The amount of the child tax credit and the credit for other dependents they can claim when they file their tax return.
  • 4. Other Adjustments: Total of other estimated income, annual deductions, and additional tax to withhold, if any.
  • 5. Signing the form: Your signature tells the IRS that you've filled out your W-4 as thoroughly and accurately as possible.
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Note: Employees are required to complete steps 2 to 4 only if they apply
to them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Form W-4

What is Form W-4?

A W-4 Form, known as an "Employee's Withholding Certificate," is an IRS document that employees must complete and submit to their employers. Employers determine how much tax to withhold from an employee's paycheck each year using the information provided on a W-4. Employees are required to complete Form W-4.

How to fill out a Form W-4?

Here are the steps for the employees to fill out a Form W-4:

  • Step 1: Personal Information
  • Step 2: Multiple Jobs or Spouse Also Works
  • Step 3: Claim any Dependents
  • Step 4: Other Adjustments
  • Step 5: Sign the form
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Note: Steps 2, 3, and 4 are necessary based on specified criteria.

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What are the new changes on the Form W-4 for 2023?

Here are the changes the IRS introduced in the 2023 W-4 Form:

  • Removing references to the tax withholding estimator
  • Step 2(c) now includes an explanation to clarify who should check the box for two jobs.
  • The Multiple Jobs Worksheet—Step 2(b) amounts have been updated for 2023.
  • The following amounts have been updated on the Deductions Worksheet: Step 4(b), Line 2.
Fields 2023
Married filing jointly/qualifying surviving spouse $27,700
Head of household $20,800
Single or married filing separately $13,850

Do I need to get an updated Form W-4 from all my employees?

No. Only new employees (paid for the first time in 2023) must complete the W-4 Form. Employees who have furnished a W-4 Form already are not required to provide a new W-4 Form until there are remarkable life-changing events like marriage, having a child, buying a home, etc.

What happens if the employee fills out only the Personal details (Step 1) and then signs the form?

Employee withholding will be estimated based on the standard deduction and tax rates applicable to the employee's filing status, with no
other adjustments.

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