File Previous Year 1099 Tax Forms

Form 940

Note: Currently we are not accepting the previous year filings

If you failed to file 1099 forms for a previous tax year, TaxBandits is here to help!

Our Prior-Year Filing feature allows you to e-file 1099 form tax returns with the IRS for prior tax year. You can e-file a prior year 1099 forms from your TaxBandits account using the same, simplified e-filing process you used to file 1099 forms for the current tax year.

From your TaxBandits account, you can also view, download and print these 1099 forms or choose “Postal Mailing” and we will send your forms to recipients for you!

If you ever need a copy of a previously filed 1099 form, you can access the TaxBandits Print Center and print your forms at your convenience. This feature is available for 1099 forms filed for the current tax year as well as prior tax year!

Why TaxBandits?

  • File 1099s in Minutes
  • IRS-Authorized Provider
  • Bulk Data Upload
  • Only Takes a Few Steps!
  • Supports CF/SF States
  • Print & Postal Mail
  • E-file as low as $0.80/form

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