Form 1099 Corrections

Did you report incorrect information on your 1099 Form?

If you notice an error on your previously filed 1099 Form, you need to correct it, retransmit it to the IRS, and send a corrected copy to your recipient as soon as possible. Simply file a Form 1099 correction and be sure to include the incorrect information along with the correct information.

How does TaxBandits help you correct your 1099 Forms?

You can always correct your 1099 Forms with TaxBandits, even if you didn’t file your original return with us. All you have to do is provide information about where you previously filed your return and instantly start correcting your 1099 Forms.

You can correct information on the following forms with TaxBandits:

Postal Mailing

We also support postal mailing for 1099 Correction Forms, so you don’t have to worry about mailing copies to your recipients. Everything is taken care of with our application once you choose to postal mail forms to your recipients.

Why TaxBandits?

  • File 1099s in Minutes
  • IRS-Authorized Provider
  • Bulk Data Upload
  • Only Takes a Few Steps!
  • Supports CF/SF States
  • Print & Postal Mail
  • E-file as low as $0.50/form

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