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TaxBandits for Every Business
TaxBandits for Every Business

Benefits of Meeting your filing requirements with TaxBandits

Federal Tax Filing

Federal Tax Filing for 1099, W2, 94x, ACA Forms including the correction Forms.

State Tax Compliance

State Tax Compliance for 1099, W2, and ACA Forms. Including state recons that are required along with 1099s, and W2s.

postal mail

We deliver your Recipient Copies for 1099, W2, and ACA Forms via postal mail and secure online access.

online portal

Request Withholding Certifications from your recipient using W9, W4, and W8BEN through our secure online portal.

TIN matching

Our TIN Matching Service helps prevent payers from backup withholding and penalty notices from the IRS.

Dedicated Support

Our USPS Address Validation helps ensure that you deliver the copies to the right recipient address.

Form Recon & Internal Audit

Internal Audit Checks catch common filing errors, helping you transmit
error-free returns.

Purchase Credits

Access all the forms you’ve filed, they are available in your account in PDF format for up to 7 years.

Dedicated Support

Get instant status updates on the forms you file from your TaxBandits Dashboard and
via email.

TaxBandits for Every Business

Quick Options for Importing your Data into TaxBandits

Manual Entry

Manual Entry

Only filing a few forms? Add your data manually with our
user-friendly form interface.

Bulk Upload Templates

Bulk Upload Templates

Save additional time by uploading your data all at once using our Bulk Upload (Excel) Template.



TaxBandits provides you an option to securely Import your 1099 Data from your QuickBooks® or
Xero Account

TaxBandits for Every Business

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TaxBandits for Every Business

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