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Just invest 2 minutes to see how to save 22% or more on your tax filing!

How TaxBandits helps employer in meeting their payroll and employment tax filing requirements?

payroll and employment tax filing requirements
TaxBandits FREE account

No subscription fee

  • It’s always free to get started with TaxBandits and you can explore it for free for any form you wish. You don’t have to pay any subscription or annual fees to try TaxBandits!

Reduce TIN errors by 100%

Do you know how essential the TIN matching is?

TaxBandits provides employers a way to match their employees’ TIN against the SSA database and helps reduce the TIN errors by 100%.

Cloud based payroll tax filing software

Connect from anywhere, anytime

  • As TaxBandits is cloud-based, you can always access it from anywhere and anytime without any trouble. No need to download or install any software. Get Started Now
TIN matching

Simple and Easy to use

  • TaxBandits provides an easy to use dashboard access for employers to manage forms and to keep track of filing status, TIN matching all from a single account.

Save up to 64% of the time taken in the filing process

Make the filing process simple and easy.

Employers can make use of bulk upload template (excel) that TaxBandits provide to reduce the time taken in adding the Form data.

IRS Payroll and Employment tax forms

Support Forms that Employers need

  • TaxBandits provide the employer access to the payroll and employment tax forms that are required for them to stay compliant. Forms filed will be available for your reference and you can download a copy anytime.
Payroll Form Features

Time-Saving Features

  • TaxBandits has simplified the employer's obligation with these time-saving features!

Federal Filing

TIN Matching

Online Retrieval of Form Copies

Direct to State Filing including state recon forms

Inbuilt Error Check

Record-Keeping up to 7 years

Print and Postal Mail copies to employees

USPS Address validation

94x Online
Signature PIN

Bulk upload templates to upload Form data

Instant filing status

Prior Year

TaxBandits Pricing

Simple and Transparent Pricing

Do you know?
With TaxBandits employers could save up to 22% on their tax filing fee!

  • Yes. TaxBandits will never charge you any subscription fee. You can pay only for what you are filing for.
  • And with TaxBandits volume-based pricing for W-2/1099 returns, you can choose from the package that fits your year-end filing requirements. This package will further save you a lot on your filing cost when you choose the “Recommended” Plan.
  • TaxBandits provides employers with a 10% Discount on 941 pricing while they choose the annual package for Form 941 filing.

Still, have doubts? Compare and save.

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U.S-based Customer Support

U.S-Based Customer Support

Our US-based Customer support team is ready to assist you all the time.

  • Contact us at (704) 684-4751
    We provide phone support from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm EST Monday to Friday
  • Email at support@TaxBandits.com
    Our email support is available 24/7
  • Live Chat
    Use our live chat option to chat with one of our friendly, helpful support member

Save up to 47.61% of the money with Inbuilt Error Check from TaxBandits

Avoid spending money on corrections and penalties!

TaxBandits validates Form data against IRS/SSA business rules, USPS address validation for basic errors to ensure that Forms are error-free to transmit with the IRS.

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