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Accurate Tax Calculations

Accurate Tax Calculations

Our Free paystub maker accurately calculates your Federal and State taxes, including Social security, Medicare, FUTA, and SUTA.

New 2020 Form W-4

New 2022 Form W-4

We support New 2022 Form W-4 to make the Federal and State withholding calculations accurately.

Free Paystub Templates

Free Paystub Templates

Choose from the variety of free paystub templates that are available in multiple designs format that best suits your company’s needs.

Lowest Price in the industry

Lowest Price in the Industry

You can always make your first paystub for free. After that its only $3.99/stub, lowest price in the Industry.

What Information is Required to Make Pay stubs Online?

  • 1. Company Info: Name, EIN, Address
  • 2. Employee Info: Name, ID, SSN, Address & Salary
  • 3. Federal & State W-4: Deductions, Withholding amounts
  • 4. Pay Schedule Info: Pay schedule, Pay period, Payday
  • 5. Gross Earnings: Hours Worked
  • 6. YTD Details: Last Year to Date values
  • 7. Additional Earnings & Deductions

If you have this information ready, you can generate paystubs online easily in just 3 simple steps.

How Can I Make Pay Stubs Online with our Free Paystub Maker?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make a Pay Stub online for Free?

Yes, You can always make your first pay stub for free. Save your time and money with our free online paystub generator. Make pay stubs in three simple steps and pay only $3.99/stub from the second stub that you make with 123PayStubs.

How can I edit my paystub?

It is simple. You can edit the paystub easily unlimited number of times before you complete the order. You have an option to preview paystub after entering all the information required for a pay stub. If you find any mistakes, you can correct it right away by choosing the edit option.

How do I make a pay stub for employees?

As an employer, You can make pay stubs for employees using our paystub generator and mail them directly from the dashboard. Just enter the basic information of the employees and generate the paystub easily. Once you generate, you have the option to download or email the stubs directly to your employees.

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