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ACA Reporting Deadline

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The IRS mandates that employers should complete their ACA Reporting with the health coverage information as per the deadline. There are two different forms to report this information - Form 1095 B and Form 1095 C. An employer should use Form 1095 B if the number of full-time employees is less than 50. Any health care insurers who provide health coverage for self-employed individuals should also use Form 1095 B. If more than 50 employees are employed, use Form 1095 C. Based on the criteria, employers should file ACA forms to the IRS on or before the deadline.

ACA Reporting Forms Criteria Purpose
Form 1095 B Self-employed or less than 50
full-time employees
To report health coverage information
Form 1095 C More than 50 full-time employees To report health coverage information

To know the complete information regarding the ACA reporting deadline, read through our article.

1. ACA Form 1095-B/C Recipient Copy Deadline

Whether you file 1095 B or file 1095 C, make sure that you send the copies to the recipients before the due date. For the tax year 2023, the due date for sending the recipient copy is March 01, 2024.

1095 B and 1095 C recipient copy deadline - 2024

ACA Reporting Forms Deadline
Form 1095 B March 01, 2024
Form 1095 C March 01, 2024

2. ACA Form 1095-B/C Paper Filing Deadline

When you prefer paper filing of Form 1095-B/C, you should file it with the IRS on or before February 28, 2024. However, we recommend you to e-file your ACA forms to save time and money.

1095 B and 1095 C paper filing deadline - 2024

ACA Reporting Forms Paper Filing Deadline
Form 1095 B February 28, 2024
Form 1095 C February 28, 2024
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If the due date falls on any federal holiday, then the next business day will be the filing due date.

3. ACA Form 1095-B/C Electronic Filing Deadline

E-filing is the easiest way to file Form 1095-B/C with the IRS. It saves a considerable sum that you spend on printing. You can also keep track of your return status with less effort. In the case of paper filing, you will never know what happens to your return. The IRS also encourages all filers to e-file their returns. If you prefer to file your Form 1095 B or Form 1095 C electronically, you should do it on or before April 01, 2024.

1095 B and 1095 C e-filing deadline - 2023 Tax Year

ACA Reporting Forms E-filing deadline
Form 1095 B April 01, 2024
Form 1095 C April 01, 2024

4. What is the State Filing Deadline for ACA Forms?

Some of the States have mandated ACA state filing for 2023, while few states don't mandate it. The deadline for filing ACA state filing is given below.

ACA Forms state filing deadline - 2023 Tax Year

State Deadline
New Jersey April 01, 2024
District of Columbia April 30, 2024
California April 01, 2024
Massachusetts January 31, 2024
Rhode Island April 01, 2024

5. What are the Late Filing Penalties?

If you fail to file ACA forms before the deadline, you will be penalized by the IRS. The penalty rate applies based on how late you are filing your 1095-C/1095-B. The late filing penalty rates for ACA forms are given below:

No. of days delayed Penalty
30 days from the due date $50 per return
31 days late – August 1 $120 per return
After August 1 $310 per return
Intentional Disregard $630 per return

To stay away from these penalties, file your ACA forms with the IRS before the deadline.

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