1099 State Filings for CF/SF Participating States

When e-filing 1099 forms with the IRS, your state may require copies of the forms.

CF/SF Program

The CF/SF Program is an agreement between the IRS and participating states, so you can complete your 1099 Forms with the IRS. Then the IRS will forward the information to your state.

However, not all states participate in the CF/SF Program and some states still require additional filing.

Additional Requirements

Some states require you to file an Annual Reconciliation Form directly. This is only required when state income tax is withheld. Be sure to double check your state's requirements!

TaxBandits Supports The CF/SF Program

To help you complete all of your 1099 filing requirements, TaxBandits participates in the Combined Federal/State Filing (CF/SF) Program, with the exception of Oregon.

Click here to learn more about the 1099 state filing requirements.

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