E-File Form W-2 Directly to your State with our Software

Along with submitting your W-2 forms to the Federal agencies, most states require W-2 forms to be submitted to their departments, as well.

When a state requires the Form W-2, certain states may also require additional information through Reconciliation or Transmittal forms to be completed by employers. These forms usually require payroll tax information, along with a summary of the information submitted on the W-2 forms.

Want to file your Form W-2 with the State?

Being an authorized e-file provider, TaxBandits will file your Form W-2 with federal and the required state agency for just $0.80/form.

Make sure that you have chosen the state filing package while filing your Form W-2 along with your Federal filing.

TaxBandits guarantees lowest pricing for all those who are looking for a complete federal and state compliance.

Want to know about the state filing requirements?

TaxBandits will help you through your state filing by showing you the requirements for the respective states with additional forms required, and deadline.

Visit the following link and choose the state to know more about the W-2 filing requirements.

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